Sample fingers do it yourself

On sale there are artificial nails, tips, nails on a circle, which are called "chamomile." There is a training finger. They can do nail design, show an example of lacquer (or gel polish), how it looks.

In the centers that teach nail service, there are also such "daisies". In the manicure salon, too, there are examples of examples that the master can do. And what if you do not have such a daisy? There is a way out, we will make it our rock from a usual plastic cup.

Materials and tools:

- a plastic cup;

- gel-lacquer (solid or white color);

- topcoat;

- scissors;

- felt-tip pen;

- glue stick;

- beautiful packaging;

- liquid to remove the sticky layer;

- a lint-free cloth;

- ultraviolet lamp (UV lamp);

Note: if you can not draw a design on the nails, it is best to make more samples (approximately, like a big toe). Train, and only then go to the nails of a smaller sample.

Gel-varnish is applied to the fingers, because it does not wear off.If you make a regular varnish, then each time you will need to re-paint the nail, before you draw a nail design.

If samples are needed not for design, but simply to show the color of lacquer, then you can paint them with ordinary varnish.

On a plastic glass with a marker, draw a finger with a nail. For example, look at your hands and just draw.

Draw around the plastic cup fingers. You can draw large, you can small. Then cut them out. From one plastic cup it turned out 9 fingers for samples.

The contours of the pen are removed with a napkin so as not to get your hands dirty while working. Gel varnish paint the nails (2, and best of all in 3 layers). Dry in the ultraviolet lamp each layer for 2 minutes. Nails take a sublime form and look like real ones.

On the other side of the finger for the sample we paste a beautiful pattern.Then we apply a topcoat. Dry in the UV lamp.

Using a lint-free wipe and liquid to remove the sticky layer, remove the sticky layer. As a result of the work done, you get such beautiful fingers on which you can train and draw a beautiful design!

These are the model fingers or fingers for the sample are obtained!

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