Roybush tea that will surprise you

A drink with such an amazing name appeared on the domestic market quite recently, but has already managed to acquire a considerable number of admirers among fans of exotic teas.

Of course, the universal love for such a drink emerged, first of all, due to its unique taste qualities: light sourness is mixed with tart sweetness and sensual woody aroma, but the classical tea bitterness is completely absent.

Original drink

Such extraordinary flavors add rooibosch glasses of popularity among real gourmets, but the maximum number of his fans can be found among admirers of traditional medicine.

Despite the fact that the beneficial properties of this exotic plant are still not fully understood, it has long been recognized as an effective remedy against many diseases and ailments. Roybush tea is not the most famous name for this drink, it is called rooibos, or rooibos, which means “red bush” in the home country.

What is interesting, in fact, it is difficult to call this plant a tea tree, because, in fact, it is a bean shrub that has a smooth stem and strong branches covered with thin, soft and sharp leaves that look like pine needles.

That's how it looks

From time to time small flowers appear from the greenish leaves, from which, later, the beans ripen. The very same tea is prepared by grinding these thin needles and small twigs, because of what it sometimes looks like sawdust.

Africa is the homeland of this shrub, and more specifically, the nearby lands of Cape Town. It is these places that can be called the natural “habitat”, where this shrub grows and is well cultivated.

The first to use the healing properties of this shrub were guessed by the inhabitants of a local tribe, koykoyn, who prepared from it a healing and fragrant brew that perfectly quenches thirst, as well as gives strength, energy and health.

Over time, he became famous in all parts of the globe, not without the help of the famous Russian tea merchant, Veniamin Ginsberg, who became interested in an unknown, but very interesting African drink.

Production of a unique drink

Interestingly, after his worldwide discovery, Rooibos tried to cultivate in almost all possible continents, especially actively in Australia and South America. But, despite the similar climate, all attempts were unsuccessful, and now, given the world popularity of the drink, its bushes filled the entire valley of the Cederberg.

This tea has an original flavor

Rooibos has long been grown and processed on an industrial scale, half of all products are exported, an impressive proportion of which is consumed by Germany.

Depending on the method of production and the type of processing of leaves, Rooibos tea can stain boiling water in a light green or brick red color with a bright "woody" flavor.

Green rooibos can only be obtained in one single way: fresh leaves are steamed immediately after harvest so that the fermentation process does not have time.

It is believed that this kind of tea boasts a more refined and refined herbal aroma, as well as a light shade. To get the "red" subspecies, the process of natural fermentation must be completed, after which it is also possible to dry the leaves in the sun.

Red tea is more cloying and very rich, but the local people still prefer to sugar and dilute it with milk, so to speak, for a special taste.

Useful properties of unique tea

The popularity of this drink is growing every day for a reason, it can rightly be compared with a full-fledged dietary supplement that can enrich the human body with an excellent complex of minerals and vitamins.

It has a bright color.

Rooibos boasts vitamins A, C, E and P, as well as such micro and macro elements as iron, calcium, manganese, potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium, fluoride and others. It also includes beneficial antioxidants that inhibit the aging of the body, as well as fighting free radicals that cause various heart diseases.

It is worth noting that Rooibos does not contain caffeine and theine, unlike tea and coffee, which means that it can be consumed at any time of the day without fear of insomnia at night.

In addition, it can be drunk even for pregnant women and children, it is an excellent alternative for those who should not consume caffeine. It is worth noting that this tea is a good anti-inflammatory agent, since it contains natural antibiotic tetracycline.

This natural bactericidal agent is successfully used not only inside but also outside, the infusion of rooibos helps with dermatitis, eczema, various skin irritations, as well as in the treatment of acne, acne and other skin problems.

Rooibos tea helps to establish the menstrual cycle due to its high content of iron, and also used in the fight against colic in children, for insomnia and poor digestion.

What is nice, there are no special contraindications for Rooibos, it is perfect for everyone, the exception can be made only by people who have an individual intolerance to such a drink.

How to brew?

In fact, the whole procedure is not very different from the standard one: one spoon of tea leaves is enough for one cup of tea. After the tea is poured with boiling water, it is necessary to insist 7-10 minutes to sufficiently dense "tea leaves" to make juice.

Rooibos can be brewed in any container, except earthenware, since such a material has a special property to absorb the tender aroma of a drink. What is interesting, you can brew such tea several times; it will not lose its tart and special taste from each subsequent brewing.

Since the brewing of this tea has the form of small sawdust, it is more correct to use dishes with the smallest strainers, and even better - paper bags or a paper filter.

In the first sample, rooibos may show too specific, for this reason, at first, it is better to prepare it with the addition of other flavored teas, such as vanilla or chocolate. To enhance the extraordinary taste and aroma of the drink, it can add a piece of orange or lemon.

It is best to buy such tea in specialized stores and institutions, where it goes straight from the African expanses at an adequate price. But it is better to avoid all sorts of shops and markets, it is not known what they could give you for an African drink.

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