Scalp treatment

It is logical that due to the violations and diseases of the scalp the quality of our hair suffers. Hair loss, itching, the appearance of crusts and flaking, excessive secretion of sebum are the most basic signs that the skin needs urgent treatment and recovery. Read more about what caused these violations, what tips and popular recipes exist for the treatment of scalp - read below.

Scalp treatment - how to restore the health of the head at home

What could cause the appearance of diseases of the skin of the head

There are many reasons, but most of them are associated with improper hair care and internal disorders in the body.

For example, perming or dyeing hair with products containing aggressive components can not only lead to dryness and fragility of the hair, but also the appearance of severe irritation and, as a consequence, inflammation. Often, due to hormonal disorders, seborrhea can develop in humans, which is characterized by the formation of crusts and dandruff. And the usual means for hair and scalp, aimed at eliminating dandruff are ineffective.

If we exclude the two factors described above, the cause of itching, dandruff and dysfunction of the sebaceous glands can be caused by an incorrectly chosen hair care line. Often, people buy shampoos, balms and sprays that promise increased volume and long freshness. But, as a rule, in such products there is a high content of silicone and acids, which dry out the skin.

Drying hair with a hairdryer, curling on hair curlers, thermal leveling - this also contributes not only to the deterioration of the hair, but also to the skin as a whole.

Scalp treatment - how to restore the health of the head at home

Scalp Recovery Tips and Recipes

First of all, you have to go to the scalp treatment shampoos.

In case of excessive sebum secretion or oily seborrhea, shampoo based on brandy or lemon juice is necessary. In 200 ml of water add 50 ml of cognac or 5 tbsp. l. fresh lemon juice, mix with one yolk to obtain a homogeneous mass. As a thickener, you can add 1 tbsp. l. starch. Rinse with warm or cool water.

If you are worried about dryness and hair loss, then we recommend banana-castor shampoo.To do this, 50 ml of castor oil mixed with 100 ml of drinking water, then add the chopped banana. The composition must be beaten in a blender after which it is ready for use. Use as a regular shampoo.

Treatment of the scalp - how to restore head health at home

For skin inflammations, crusts caused by staining, chemical perm and exposure to high temperatures, it is recommended to wash a few drops of ylang-ylang or sage oil on your hair while shampooing with regular shampoo. The components of these essential oils are able to quickly heal wounds and regenerate cells of the epidermis.

In addition to the use of shampoos, we recommend at least once a week to make masks for the scalp. The basis of these home remedies can be honey, kefir, chicken egg or fruit.

As you can see, scalp treatments can be made even at home, without using expensive components. Even after getting rid of the problem, try to pamper your hair with all sorts of natural ingredients more often - this will greatly improve their appearance.

Treatment of the scalp - how to restore head health at home

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