learn to cook fast and tasty

a guest27.04.18 21:56

Yes, it's a useful thing))) Redmont's recipe-book taught me to cook quickly and tasty, and I went to the slow cooker. The simplest options are soups to me, any, cut and thrown into the bowl. Another stew just chicken with meat. I add spices for the variety of herbs and herbs, it turns out deliciously.

What can be faster than making salads? I personally have Italian cuisine in favor, its salads amaze with a range of tastes - from nutritious and high-calorie to light, ideal for summer salads)

Here are some simple, but cool recipes. the buzz from the salad with pasta, did not know that this is, but in vain)

a guest26.07.18 23:04

Now in the summer, I want something easier, I mostly make meat and fish on the Redmont grill, I also add vegetables to it if I'm too lazy to make a salad. Here and dinner is ready, and useful and variety.

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