Quail Waitress Whitney Houston and collected 2 million views

Just went to the microphone in an apron, and it started ...

Mikhail Botsman, a Russian singer living in the USA, glorified the waitress. Once he performed on the same stage with many famous musicians - from the American idol Billy Joel to Philip Kirkorov, Valery Leontyev and many others. Now Boatswain sings in nightclubs in New York, as well as at weddings and corporate parties.

Having arrived in St. Petersburg the other day, Mikhail went to one of the restaurants and heard it. A simple waitress Suzanna Manukyan came to the microphone in a working apron and started singing the hit Whitney Houston “I Have Nothing” from the movie “Bodyguard”.

This song has already been sung by many. But the voice of Suzanne just goosebumps. Mikhail's hand immediately reached for the cell phone.

“This is how the waiters sing in the restaurant of St. Petersburg!” Botsman wrote on his Facebook page, uploading a video of the girl’s performance.

“Where are the producers looking, why is she still not on the big stage ?!” - the network users left enthusiastic comments. As a result, the video from Susanna has collected more than 2 million views.

By the way, it was the creativity of Whitney Houston that prompted Susan to become a singer.

“After I heard her“ I will always love you, ”I realized that I really wanted to sing the same way,” says the waitress.

Suzanne is now 21 years old, 9 of whom she has been singing. I must say, this is not the first performance of a girl in the restaurants of St. Petersburg. Suzanne even arranges solo concerts, which take place with a full house.

Now listen to how this girl quail Rihanna.

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