Prince Harry ordered a ring for Megan Markle

The wedding of British Prince Harry and Hollywood actress, the star of the series "Force Majeure" Megan Markle may take place sooner than we thought. Namely - in August, in a month! The deterioration in the health of Prince Philip, who even missed his favorite race in Ascot, prompted his grandson to hurry with engagement and triumph. According to rumors, the other day Harry ordered a wedding ring from the royal jeweler Harry Collins and insisted that the jewelry was spectacular, but at the same time not a cocktail one, but an everyday option. It was expected that the ring would be made from the necklace of Princess Diana in the Art Deco style with emeralds and diamonds, which was left to the youngest son as a legacy. But, as the British tabloids managed to find out, the tiara was replaced with a vintage platinum bracelet with emeralds of a rectangular cut, which also belonged to the prince's mother.

According to the rules, before making a marriage proposal, members of the royal family are supposed to meet with their chosen one for at least two years.The love affair with Megan began last June, which means that if Harry hurries, he will break the tradition.

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