Prince Harry makes friends in America

The younger grandson of Elizabeth II has no instagram, so do not miss the opportunity to look at the live (and not boring official!) Pictures taken during the meeting with Paralympic athletes that Harry made during his visit to the United States. On the shots, we can see the red-haired prince as few know him-he is sweet, easy to communicate and friendly to the point of impossibility: he catches any chance to kiss the beauty (even on the cheek!) And is always glad to fool around (what are the pictures where he is hugs with wet swimmers!). And note, all this is not for the camera! Harry is sincere and open.


A few days ago, during the Today Show, Harry was unexpectedly married to the daughter of George W. Bush. We don’t know if any of this is going to turn out - the Prince, unlike his friends, is not in a hurry to start a prince!

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