Pregnant Pippa Middleton does not want to "be a penguin" and trains at the ballet machine

For some, pregnancy is another reason to allow yourself to relax, but not for Pippa Middleton. The sister of Duchess Catherine, who last year married English businessman James Matthews, will be her mother for the first time in October, but her favorite tennis and swimming accompany her even in the third trimester. Wait to say enthusiastic "ah": now they have also added workouts with ballet elements!

“Of course, I’m far from a ballerina, but I firmly decided that during pregnancy I don’t want to become a penguin and walk with poor posture,” Pippa admits. According to her, ballet exercises improve stretching and maintain muscle tone, and she picked them up independently.

“I'm a sports fan and re-read a bunch of books and websites about training during pregnancy, but I was disappointed with the limited amount of practical information about what you can do and what not.This is my first pregnancy, so I had a lot of questions that I could not find the answers to, ”Pippa added. We are ready to argue, a lot of practical advice her older sister gave her. Being in position, Catherine also closely watched the figure, but if in the first two pregnancies she was cautious and allowed herself only yoga and Pilates, then before the birth of the baby, Louis added to the program and strength training. The result, as they say, is obvious.

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