Classical astrology says that the course of a person’s fate can be predicted if you know the exact time of his birth. Is it so? Very many people will answer this question in the affirmative. Among them are those who are themselves involved in astrology, are horoscopes and those who use the services of astrologers, literally checking for themselves stellar predictions. However, there will always be such people who will say: “Astrology, horoscopes are nothing more than a hoax for gullible and impressionable people.” It is possible to relate to astrology, signs of the zodiac as you please, but not to admit the obvious - the fact that astrologers' predictions still come true is impossible. Therefore, it’s not surprising that people who are fascinated by this ancient science on the forum of our site actively discuss various issues: how astrology works, what is the zodiac, its signs, how does the horoscope, cosmogram, what is karmic astrology and what is its difference, for example , from the horary, how to predict fate and whether it should be done at all.By the way, the astrologers themselves believe that their predictions are not a dogma and just a guide to action and do not exclude such a factor as a person’s free will. That is, in fact, fortune tellers tell us: everything is in our hands and a person always has a choice how to proceed. And the stars show us the way so that we can move in this life not as blind kittens, but as confident users, knowing where to lay straws, where not to stumble on the pitfalls, and where not to pass by much happiness and good luck. It is here that the predictions of astrologers come to the rescue, which will help and tell you how to live and what to do in a variety of life situations. And, of course, a good adviser will be our forum, where you can always get answers to a variety of questions related to horoscopes, astrology, zodiac signs, and many other, very different topics that this ancient science is rich in.

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