Polish mushroom - composition, taste and recipes

The Polish mushroom represents the genus Mokhovik or Borovik, isolated separately in the form of Imleria. This plant has a semi-circular cap with a diameter of up to fifteen centimeters, a persistent smooth chocolate-brown skin and dense yellow-white flesh, which can first turn blue in place of the cut, and then get a light shade again. The cap is located on a dark twelve centimeter foot.

The mushroom, sometimes called a noble mokhovikov, bruised or oleshkom, refers to edible, has a pleasant smell and soft taste. Places of growth - Poland, Western Ukraine, the Baltic States and Western Belarus. It is here in the coniferous forest that you can meet the Polish mushroom, beginning in June and ending with October.

Components and calorie plants

The calorie content of the oleshka is low — only nineteen kilocalories per hundred grams, if there is great utility, satiety and healing value, which is explained by its composition with a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. Among the useful components are:

  • proteins with fats;
  • carbohydrates with dietary fiber;
  • ash.

The vitamin composition of the Polish mushroom consists of:

  • choline and vitamin PP;
  • vitamins B9, B6, B5, B2, B1.

The mineral composition of the Polish mushroom is rich in:

  • manganese and copper;
  • phosphorus and potassium;
  • sodium and zinc.

In this mushroom there is a place for some monosaccharides and disaccharides, amino acids, vitamins C, A. The water capacity reaches ninety percent, and the number of microelements brings it closer to the white fungus. So, the Polish mushroom is no less useful than its first-class relatives.

Useful qualities of a spoon

Polish mushrooms have a lot of medicinal properties, which is not surprising with this composition, and makes them competitive in the market of these plants, because:

  1. They possess diuretic qualities, helping to cleanse the body in the presence of renal diseases such as renal failure. Ideally relieve swelling, bruises and abrasions, without the use of diuretic drugs.
  2. Promote the process of losing weight, due to the low calorie and cleansing qualities. This is an effective natural remedy for dumping a couple of extra kilos per week.
  3. Reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and memory impairment, increasing mental capacity and brain activity.
  4. Strengthen the skin and nails due to the abundance of vitamins with amino acids.
  5. They can calm the nervous system, relieve nervousness and eliminate apathy. They have restorative and performance-enhancing properties for the organism as a whole, and for the nervous system in particular, due to the B vitamins.
  6. They cleanse the body of slagging, as chitin helps to eliminate unnecessary toxins and metal salts, and melanin simultaneously has a natural antioxidant effect.
  7. Polish mushrooms stabilize immunity with beta-glucans, which create an excellent foundation for health, helping to avoid cancer pathologies.
  8. Oleshki are good for renewing the heart with vessels, they contain nicotinic acid to strengthen the heart muscles and vascular walls.
  9. Accelerate metabolism, burn extra calories, which is successfully used by nutritionists to create diets for people with excess weight.
  10. They help to create a balance in the process of nutrition, due to microelements, which can be regularly obtained by eating Polish mushrooms. It is enough to eat from three spoons of boiled oleshk per day.
  11. They are an excellent tonic natural remedy with antibacterial properties.
  12. Oleshki serve as natural antibiotics, helping to fight diseases, thanks to the substance "boletol".

The introduction of plants into the diet allows you to update the body, improve digestion, speed up blood formation, activate the brain and memory, relieve fatigue.

By the way, in the old days, the patients were not boiled in chicken broth, but mushroom, which is a convincing argument in favor of the Polish mushroom. Another plus in the piggy bank is the amount of vitamin B is equivalent to cereals and even vegetables.

Use precautions

Harm can be inflicted by any mushrooms, if abused or not followed the elementary rules of collection and storage, and there are still contraindications to the use of the Polish mushroom, although the fungus is considered harmless:

  • first of all, it is not collected in polluted areas due to its ability to absorb toxic harmful substances;
  • it can slow down the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the plant is not eaten raw, undercooked or undercooked, which causes great harm to the health of the body, especially the digestive tract;
  • the fungus can be poisonous if you confuse it with the satanic one, which requires special care in the harvest process;
  • Oleshek has low digestibility, they should not be abused so as not to overload the stomach;
  • worms and overgrowths have a fibrous structure and a large porosity, a bitter taste, so it is not recommended to eat them.

In general, strict contraindications are absent, with the exception of individual intolerance. For attentive mushroom pickers, this is an attractive “mushroom hunting” object.

What to cook from oleshka?

Oleshek is akin to a white mushroom for aesthetic and taste qualities, therefore it is universal and suitable for any table. From it you can cook a lot of delicious dishes from soups and ending with casseroles. Try using the most popular recipes to prepare amazing dishes for a daily balanced and healthy diet:

  1. For the magic casserole, you will need to boil the oleshki, fry them with onions, mix with the crushed croutons (one hundred grams) and fry, adding the mushroom broth. Pour the mixture into the form, sprinkled with breading and bake for half an hour.
  2. Delicious mushroom soup can cook the most ordinary mistress. Mushrooms are cut, brought to a boil and cook for a quarter of an hour. Then they add other ingredients in the form of potatoes, spices, shredded carrots, tomatoes without peel and bell peppers. Ten minutes later, savoring soup with sour cream.
  3. Marinating mushrooms for food and future use. Polish mushrooms boil, packaged in containers, filled with marinade and rolled. Store in a cold place, opening in the winter for a variety of diet.
  4. We surprise with a useful and satisfying home-made sauce that will suit any dish. Stew finely chopped mushrooms with onions in butter, adding cream with seasonings to taste. The sauce turns dense and rich, able to complement and decorate the garnish or main dish.
  5. To cook unusual "polka" in sour cream, it is necessary to fry the oleshki, spread out in pots, add flour, pepper, sour cream and wine to cover the contents. Cook in the oven for twenty-five minutes, then add the grated cheese and bake for five minutes.
  6. Try to cook a "pasta" for loved ones - easy to prepare and tasty. Take the form, grease and sprinkle with breading.Put the finished pasta, poured with a beaten egg, then a layer of fried mushrooms with onions, then again pasta. Top layer - grated cheese. Bake in the oven for twenty minutes at one hundred and ninety degrees. Eat hot.
  7. There is nothing tastier than mushroom zraz! The ingredients are simple, the process is fascinating. Boil the potatoes with carrots and fry. Boil the mushrooms, chop the onion and stew all together. In the cooled mashed potatoes add flour to make the dough. And in the dough and stuffing put spices to taste. In the cakes of potato and carrot dough they put the stuffing and zashchipyvat like a dumpling. Fry in a pan for three minutes on each side until golden brown. Serve with sour cream. Mushroom mushrooms are good both in fasting and on a regular day.

Recipes - the sea, they are tasty and satisfying, do not require special ingredients, and it is easier to get oleshki than white fungus.

Interesting about the plant

The mushroom is called Polish in Russia, and in Poland - pansky. He is often confused with white, which is in the hands of dishonest merchants. It is considered the "king of mokhovikov" because of the healing valuable properties, and can be used as a food coloring. Peel off the bonnet is not cleaned.

Mushrooms are boiled, fried, salted, pickled and frozen, which makes it popular with mushroom pickers.This is a true natural delicacy with beneficial nutritional properties that are preserved for up to six months provided that the Polish mushroom is properly stored.

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