Plastic packaging from the manufacturer - practical solutions in different areas of production and commerce

To the attention of companies and individual entrepreneurs who use PVC packaging in production processes:

  • products of impeccable quality are offered by the well-known Israeli manufacturer Dolav to the Russian market.

Plastic packaging is relevant for most areas of economic activity. Durable, lightweight, not afraid of deformation and corrosion, resistant to the aggression of microorganisms, it serves:

  • for transportation of raw materials and food;
  • storage of agricultural products and chemicals;
  • garbage collection and food residues;
  • warehouse equipment;
  • solving a variety of problems associated with production and life.

What capacities are produced by "Dolav"

A modern plastic practical and versatile container is:

  • containers of different sizes, perforated and smooth, with removable lids and drain holes;
  • standard pallets, reinforced, with runners;
  • KitBin collapsible systems

For the manufacture of big boxes intended for the storage and transportation of products, Dolav uses food grade plastic that meets strict hygienic standards. The robust design of containers with a dense structure makes them suitable even for the disposal of light radioactive waste. Plastic packaging, manufactured by the company on the basis of structural foam, can be used in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, makes logistics processes more convenient.

Perfect production technologies, robotic equipment, automatic welding, technically competent personnel allow not only to focus on demanding consumer demand, but also to take into account the specific wishes of customers. For the manufacturer is not difficult:

  • equip tanks with wheels;
  • supplement with removable doors, stoppers
  • set individual dimensions.

Interest in satisfying the wishes of the customer, the reliability of the products of the entire range of products made the products of “Dolav” popular in many countries around the world. In addition to advantageous advantages such as multifunctionality, reusability, resistance to damage and the influence of hazardous environments, big boxes and pallets are characterized by the fact that they comply with ISO and European standards. Safety and reliability of the sold packaging is confirmed by quality certificates.

How to purchase products "Dolav"

In Russia, the opportunity to buy a plastic container "Dolav" is open through a distributor in Moscow. However, the supplier also accepts remote applications from enterprises, small business shops, individuals from any regions of the Russian Federation.

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