Pentas lanceolate: care instructions

Location and lighting

Pentas lanceolate will not bloom unless it is provided with good light. For this plant fit sunny place, so you should put the pot on the south window. However, it is important to remember that after a purchase or a long winter you cannot immediately put pentas on a sunny place, you need to gradually accustom it to the light without hurting it. In the summer, it is recommended to darken the window, otherwise the leaves will burn. It should also be aired more often. It is not worth fearing that he will die, since summer drafts are not terrible for pentas.


If you want to get a blooming bouquet in a pot by the summer, then from spring you should strengthen watering. Water must be defended at room temperature. It is necessary to water a flower in autumn and winter, but it is important not to let the ground dry out, as the leaves will quickly turn yellow. It should not be forgotten to apply complex mineral fertilizer to the earth.There are special tools designed for flowering. Thanks to them, it will be possible to stimulate the formation of buds.

Air humidity and temperature

Humidity is extremely important for pentas lanceolate. This indicator should be equal to 60%, which is quite a lot. However, to maintain it, you can spray the plant with soft water, but at the same time you should try to eliminate the ingress of moisture on the flowers. It is also recommended to put pentas in a pallet with expanded clay or wet moss, but the bottom does not touch the water. Such a measure will help all the time to maintain a high humidity in the room. As for the temperature, the regime should be in 20-25ºС. At higher temperatures, the leaves will begin to wither, and the stems will be strongly drawn out, and subsequently the plant will lose stability.


Growing pantas lanceolate is impossible without frequent transplants, because the plant loves them very much. Due to the fact that young shoots develop very quickly, they form a huge number of new roots. Subsequently, the flower needs a larger pot. However, it is important to note that the frequency of transplanting young flowers should be carried out once a year.Replace older plants every 2 years. When transplanting, it is important to consider the requirements for the soil. The plant loves fertile land and grows poorly in the soil where the salt content is elevated. You can buy the soil for decorative hardwood, in it pentas will feel good.

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