Pelargonium - care and reproduction at home

Each grower is familiar with pelargonium, which is also called geranium or kalachik. Unpretentious flower with terry fragrant foliage and large inflorescences of small flowers. Geranium is incredibly useful. It kills germs, neutralizes poisons and relieves headaches. Beginners are interested in methods of growing pelargonium from seeds at home.

The popularity of pelargonium due to ease of maintenance and excellent decorative qualities. Growing geraniums from seeds is a fascinating process that requires a bit of free time and good seed. For growing seeds suitable varieties of white, red, fragrant and ampelous geranium pelargonium.

Tips and plan for growing seed

  • Using purchased seeds allows you to skip the preparatory stage. If the seed material is collected independently, each seed is treated with sandpaper. The removal of the upper solid layer accelerates the germination process.
  • There are no specific terms when sowing pelargonium seeds for seedlings. Experienced flower growers carry out the procedure in the cold season. Ideal - December.
  • For the germination of pelargonium seeds, you can use several mixtures of soil. The first option - mixing sand and peat in equal quantities, the second - peat and perlite equally, the third - peat, sand and turf in the ratio of 1: 1: 2.
  • To process seed material with zircon, soak in water for about three hours and only then plant. Strongly deepen the seeds in the soil is not necessary. Lay them at a distance of five centimeters from each other and cover with a centimeter layer of soil. Next, moisten the soil with a sprayer and cover with glass.
  • The ideal temperature is 20 degrees. The seed box is kept in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight. The first shoots will appear in a week. Dive young plants in a fortnight. At this point, the shoots appear a few leaves.
  • Each sprout is planted in a separate pot with a diameter of about 10 centimeters with prepared soil. Pelargonium pinch to suspend growth, when there will be 7 or more leaves.

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Growing pelargonium from seed at home is a trifling matter. After a quarter after planting seeds, young plants will delight you with an incredibly beautiful flowering.

Care for pelargonium at home

Red geranium

Pelargonium is an easy-to-care flower, but this does not mean that it does not need to be taken care of. Compliance with the onerous requirements for the care of the flower will allow you to admire the beauty of the magnificently flowering plants throughout the year.

  1. Lighting. Pelargonium is a photophilous flower. Unlike other indoor plants, it is not afraid of the direct rays of the sun, and when there is insufficient lighting, flowers and leaves lose their bright color.
  2. Temperature. Pelargonium is recommended to grow in conditions of moderate temperature. In the summer at 20 degrees. In winter - within 10 degrees.
  3. Watering. In the summer, abundant watering, in winter - moderate. It is desirable to divert excess fluid, since the stagnation of moisture leads to decay of the root system. Waterlogging is more dangerous for geranium than lack of moisture. Spray, unlike Monstera, is not necessary.
  4. Additional fertilizing. Feed up twice a month with universal or special fertilizers for pelargonium.
  5. The soil. Geraniums are usually planted in a universal earthen mixture with good drainage. I have already mentioned, excess moisture is extremely dangerous for the plant and can lead to death.
  6. Transfer. When the pot becomes close the plant is transplanted. Do it in the spring. Periodically recommended to update the top layer of soil. It is enough to remove a few centimeters of earth and add a fresh substrate.
  7. Keeping the shape of a bush. To form a smooth and beautiful shape of the crown, watch out for growth. On one shoot there should be no more than ten sheets. For the sake of maintaining the shape of the bush, pinch at the right level and remove the shoots that violate the beauty.

At observance of the listed conditions the pelargonium magnificently and long blossoms. To gather seed material from a faded flower, wait until the seed pods turn a yellowish brown color. Remember, seeds that have fallen to the ground are not suitable for storage, especially if they have sprouted.

Reproduction of Pelargonium

Pelargonium is the favorite of decorative plant breeders. In the flowering period, it throws out bright inflorescences and fragrant with a pleasant aroma.This unique smell cheers up and invigorates, and the flower fills the interior with bright colors.

Geranium homeland is hot Africa, but this did not prevent the flower from settling down in our country. The reproduction of pelargonium is quite simple. Grow a young plant can be from seed, cuttings or shoots.

Method one - cuttings

This method is the easiest and most effective. Pelargonium propagated by cuttings is recommended in the fall. Cut the stalk carefully and slightly dry before planting. Next, place in the substrate. Water rarely, and do not spray. Pelargonium propagated by cutting is resistant to diseases.

People who do not like to bother can use the grandfather method. Cut the stalk in the spring and put in a jar filled with water. The first roots will appear in a week.

Method two - seed material

Seeds are planted in December, since from January the duration of the light day will begin to increase. This will promote active growth, and by early May receive an adult plant.

The third way - the leaves and processes

The technology of reproduction of pelargonium by leaflets and processes is identical to propagation.In terms of efficiency, these methods are not inferior to grafting. Leaves and sprouts with roots rooted in a glass of water, with the addition of phytohormones.

Video about the care and reproduction of pelargonium

Kinds and varieties of geraniums

Home geranium on the balcony

From South Africa, geranium was brought to Europe, where in the early seventeenth century it received the status of a cultivated plant. Due to the peculiar aroma and decorativeness of the flower became popular among aristocrats, and later appeared in the homes of ordinary people.

In our country, pelargonium appeared in the eighteenth century. It took her less than a hundred years to "conquer" the territory of Russia and become a favorite flower among the population. This was facilitated by unpretentiousness, active growth and beautiful flowering, which only orchid phelanopsis competes with.

In nature, there are about 250 species of pelargonium. Through the efforts of breeders, new species and varieties of geranium, suitable for growing in room conditions, have appeared. I will tell you about them.

  • Zonal. The most numerous and frequently occurring species, represented by many varieties. Characterized by abundant and persistent flowering. Representatives of the species have a straight trunk and leaves of a wavy shape with a red-brown border. Foliage is pubescent and produces a peculiar smell.
  • Royal. FROMread the most beautiful representative of the genus.Large flowers are purple, burgundy, red, pink or white. The height of the flower reaches 50 centimeters. This type of home geranium is the most fascinating and is characterized by a short flowering.
  • Fragrant.The most unusual flavor. After touching the foliage, a smell spreads in the room, recognizing notes of strawberry, ginger, mint, lemon and rose. Small flowers of violet or pink color and pinnacular leaves. In the culture there are varieties of Brilliant, Lady Plymouth, Chocolate Mint.
  • Ampelnaya.Herbaceous plant with long shoots and dark green foliage in the form of asterisks. Amazingly beautiful inflorescences consist of simple, double or nacreous flowers with a diameter of 4 cm. Ampella pelargonium blooms from spring to autumn. Perfect for decorating loggias and balconies.
  • Angel.The height of the color is up to 30 cm. It is characterized by graceful forms, frequent branching and easy maintenance. Blooms throughout the summer. Sometimes flowering is so strong that the inflorescences almost completely cover the foliage. Lilac or white flowers are in perfect harmony with small dark green leaves.
  • Unicums.Home Geranium, obtained by the efforts of breeders.Appreciated for high decorativeness. Dark green leaves emit a pleasant aroma and complement the beauty of small flowers with a white center and red petals. There are varieties with pink or white flowers, with streaks and spots on the foliage.
  • Succulent. The most unusual. The lower part of the stem lignified. Numerous stems are bent and branched, so that the bush often gets a fancy shape. The view is used to create bonsai and decorate houses.

The listed room geranium species are best suited for home cultivation.

Useful properties and harm to room geraniums

Previously, it was thought that pelargonium has an antimicrobial effect and prevents the flu epidemic. There is some truth in this, but it is not the whole benefit of the plant. In nature, there are several hundred species of geraniums. Some of them are suitable for growing on the windowsill, others have found application in the kitchen. I lead to the fact that the relatives of the flower have proven themselves in the cosmetic, culinary and medical industry.

Beneficial features

Pelargonium produces an essential oil with an antiseptic effect.It is suitable for use in aromatic lamps in seasonal epidemics. Oil is applied to handkerchiefs and masks during the prevention of colds.

Ether geranium accelerates blood circulation. It is used for the preparation of home remedies for cellulite. The extract is used by cosmetics companies for the production of drainage creams.

Geranium has a soothing effect on the body. A few drops in the aromatic lamp soothe the nerves and improve sleep. A similar effect is provided by tea from Pelargonium, drunk an hour after the evening meal.

On the basis of young leaves are made fortifying herbal and tachycardia medicines. Patients are recommended to keep pelargonium in the bedroom on the windowsill. The plant cleans the air, absorbs toxins and improves health.

When stomatitis and sore throat extract is used to rinse the mouth. Pharmacies sell a variety of spirit tinctures based on pelargonium.

Geranium essential oil can cause an allergic reaction. If after contact with the flower or the use of the product on the basis of oil, symptoms of a cold develop, it is better to consult an allergist.

Geranium thickens blood. It is contraindicated for people with blood disorders.It is not recommended to combine oil with blood thickening drugs.

Pelargonium leaves tinctures are prohibited with pressure lowering drugs, as the leaves of the plant provide a hypotonic effect. It is better to refuse infusion from a geranium and with a low pressure. Concerning the use of folk remedies, always consult a doctor.

Breeding problems

Pelargonium in the street

With proper care, pelargonium rarely ill. If problems in breeding geraniums happen, timely help will save the flower. The appearance of diseases is usually due to improper care: high humidity, poor lighting. Ornamental plants can attack viruses that infect soil. We'll figure out how to solve such problems.

  1. Nematodes. The most dangerous enemy of geraniums and anthurium, because with the defeat of the flower dies. A clear sign of the disease are massive nodes on the root system. Soil becomes unsuitable for growing any plant and must be disposed of.
  2. Fungal diseases- rust, root, gray rot. Such problems indicate the overmoistening of the plant and the absence of good drainage.
  3. Pests- mites and aphids.All florist growers who grow croton, dieffenbachia or dracaena are familiar with pests. Standard methods are suitable for fighting insects. Get rid of the aphid solution of household soap, mites will overcome running water.
  4. White fly. The most serious pest that is not easy to handle. Larvae that live on the lower surface of leaflets cause the greatest harm. They pull out all the juices from pelargonium and contaminate the leaves with secretions that promote the development of the fungus. Special preparations - Bison, Aktellik, Confidor - will help to overcome the whitefly.
  5. If the geranium turns yellow and leaves fall, it is the result of poor lighting, excessive or insufficient watering. Therefore, pelargoniums need to provide optimal conditions for the content.
  6. With reddened leaves, the plant reports that it is cold. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to rearrange the pot in a warm place.
  7. If the geranium refuses to bloom, the lack of light or low temperature is to blame. Once in comfortable conditions, she immediately begins to throw flowers.

Now you know the secrets of geranium care and how to troubleshoot problems that arise during breeding.I think you can easily grow a beautiful pelargonium, which will replenish your home collection of ornamental plants.

Recipes of traditional medicine with geraniums

It is hard to believe that ordinary pelargonium, which is present in almost every home, is a fast-acting and miraculous doctor. Under the multicolored inflorescences and a delicate aroma lies the power, ready at any time to help a person.

People from time immemorial use geraniums to cure diseases. It is not surprising, because the plant contains phytoncides, pectin, cleansing the body from toxins, essential oils, gum, gallic acids, starch and other substances that heal the body. On hand only need recipes of traditional medicine with geraniums.

For face

Essential oil on the face in its pure form is not used, since it can cause irritation or burn. Ether of geranium is used as an ingredient for the preparation of creams, masks and oils. I offer recipes for the use of pelargonium for the face.

  1. Geranium oil will help get rid of acne and acne. Using a cotton swab, point oil on the affected area.The procedure is repeated several times a day until complete healing.
  2. For sensitive skin make a soothing and nourishing mask of pelargonium. A spoonful of coconut oil mixed with two drops of geranium oil and the same amount of sandalwood oil. Apply the product twice a week for a third of an hour.
  3. To solve the problem with frequent peeling paste help, made from the pulp of a quarter of avocado and oils of juniper, rose and geranium in the ratio 2: 2: 3. After 20 minutes after applying the mask, rinse with warm water.
  4. Aging and withering skin of the face will tone the mixture, which includes three spoons of olive base, rose and geranium oil in equal proportions. To become younger apply the product daily.
  5. A mixture prepared from 150 ml of mineralized water and oils of chamomile, lavender and geranium, which take three drops, will help in the fight against dryness and flabbiness. Spray the mixture to moisturize the skin three times a day. It is not necessary to wash off.

Integrated use of "geranium" funds will help to quickly achieve results and make it more visible. It is hard to imagine how soft and silky the skin will be after that.

For hair

Geranium ether is used in home recipes for hair. It is enough to add a couple of drops of oil to the purchase mask or shampoo, carefully mix and use for its intended purpose. This simple technique will help strengthen the follicle, eliminate excess oily hair and get rid of dandruff.

  • Geranium oil is ideal for aromatic combing. In oil, slightly moisten the comb and comb your hair. Daily carrying out procedure will provide to hair shine and gentle aroma for the whole day.
  • Geranium oil helps get rid of lice. Pelargonium oil is mixed equally with the oils of lavender, tea tree, bergamot and combined with the base oil. The finished mixture to process hair, and after an hour, wash your hair and carefully comb your hair.
  • From geraniums prepare a great decoction. Pour five spoons of pelargonium with two cups of water, boil for 5 minutes, insist for an hour and use for washing the hair for a month. This will cure hair loss, accelerate growth and eliminate the diseases of the scalp.


Geranium has been widely used in traditional medicine. Miraculous properties with a unique chemical composition help to treat even otitis.On the basis of pelargonium prepare tinctures, drops and ointments, which are incredibly effective in this disease.

  1. Just tear a piece of geranium slightly stretch, roll a dense roll and carefully insert into the ear. Thanks to this simple procedure, the pain sensations will be significantly reduced.
  2. In the fight against otitis media, this remedy is also used. Make a mush from five grams of geranium leaves, combine with 50 grams of rye flour, add a spoonful of camphor oil and knead the dough. Blend the mixture with a roller and wrap it with a sore ear.
  3. When otitis helps and juice of geraniums, which are buried in the ear with 2 drops. Further, the inflamed organ is wrapped with a paper for compresses and warmed with cotton wool. Before bedtime, tie a sore ear with a bandage. Two or three procedures will eliminate shooting pains.

Geranium is incredibly effective in otitis, but sometimes unsafe. With extreme caution, you need to use tools from pelargonium for the treatment of pregnant women and children. Before starting treatment, consult with your doctor.

With infertility

Aspiring to become parents, couples use all sorts of ways and means. Infertility usually causes endocrine disorders, poor sperm motility, and inflammatory processes in the genitals.

Modern methods of treatment solve the problem, but the recipes of traditional medicine remain popular and significant. Geranium occupies a leading position among the herbs that help to cope with infertility. Pelargonium helps to restore reproductive function, normalizes hormones and eliminates inflammatory processes.

  • Essential oil of geranium helps to overcome depression, make menstruation less painful, cure sexual disorders. When dealing with infertility, geranium must be present in the house so that the inhabitants constantly inhale its scent.
  • Aromatherapy is carried out on the basis of pelargonium oil. Smell affects girls as a means of increasing sexual desire and increases vitality.
  • To cope with infertility will help such a tool. Mix a stack of warm water with 4 drops of geranium oil, add a spoonful of honey. Drink before each meal. If the problem is caused by vaginitis, instead of honey, add a spoon of soda to the product and use a solution for douching.

If you believe the healers, these funds help couples achieve their goals and cure infertility.Without consultation with the doctor to use these folk remedies can not.

Interesting facts and legends about domestic geraniums

Pelargonium, in our usual appearance, was brought out by the breeder from England George Tradescan. He was fond of breeding geraniums and called his creations butterflies or angels. The pinnacle of his skill is royal geranium, which helped the English king to cope with insomnia.

According to one of the legends, during the flight the crane got out of the pack and landed in the field. Because of the cold rain, his body became numb. A tear rolled out of the perishing bird's eyes, and in the place of its contact with the earth in spring a beautiful plant appeared, which was called geranium.

Eastern legend has it that, in the old days, pelargonium was considered a common weed until the moment when the prophet Mahomet hung his wet cape on it. Bush put a garment into the sun and dried it quickly. As a sign of gratitude, the prophet endowed the plant with fragrant flowers.

Argued that white geranium frightens snakes. Therefore, residents of eastern countries put a pot of pelargonium at the entrance to the home.In some peoples fragrant geranium symbolizes strength, health and vivacity.

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Indoor geranium remains a universal darling, a doctor, a source of optimal climate and decoration. The appearance of a flower in the house contributes to the extirpation of insults and finding mutual understanding. A pot of pelargonium on the windowsill - the key to a healthy atmosphere in the house.

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