Pavel Durov meets with Masha Trotsko

Pavel Durov has long been on the list of enviable bachelors, but little is known about the personal life of the creator of VKontakte and Telegram. And since in 2014 the entrepreneur left Russia, and even more so: Durov constantly moves from country to country without staying in one for more than two or three weeks, so it was obviously impossible for him to talk about permanent relations. And yet, as it turned out, Paul’s heart was already taken, and not by any overseas beauty, but by his compatriot from St. Petersburg, Masha Trotsko!

Publication by Mariia Trotsko (@trotsko_masha)Nov 2, 2016 at 10:25 am PDT

With 28-year-old Masha, who leads the youtube-channel about cosmetics and favorite brands, Durova introduced Alena Shishkova - the former passion of Timati and the second Vice-Miss of Russia in 2012. By the way, at first they attributed the affair to the businessman with Alyona - the model's fans were surprised to see Paul in the photos from her birthday, and they thought it was no accident. It is strange that no one paid attention to Masha, who was in the same pictures ... After all, she is not inferior in beauty to Alena: the same white-toothed smile, perfect figure and gorgeous set of blond hair.

Publication from Alena Shishkova (@ missalena.92)Nov 13, 2017 at 1:59 PST

The couple has been dating since July last year, but for obvious reasons, the relationship does not advertise, preferring to meet in different parts of the world - away from prying eyes. For a long time or not, time will tell, but Durov has repeatedly stated that he does not plan to return to Russia (and is unlikely to change his mind even for his beloved: his work comes first).

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