Paper model of automatic turret (Sentry Turret) Portal

The paper model of the automatic turret (Sentry Turret) Portalis a small three-legged robots in the Portal series, unable to move independently. In the middle of the body, the turrets have a red 'eye', from the center of which is a guide beam.

When the player is invisible to the turrets, they stand still, looking straight and hiding their weapons. However, the appearance of the player in their field of vision will lead to the activation of the turrets and the opening of the fire, followed by a short voice signal. They will continue to shoot until the player either dies or leaves the turret. If the latter happens, the turrets will be laser-driven for some time, looking for a player, after which she will again move to the inactive position.

Materials and tools:

  1. pattern, printer, paper;
  2. scissors (stationery knife, paper knife);
  3. glue.

Step 1

We print the template on the printer, cut and bend the elements of the paper model, if there is experience in assembling paper models, then we cut and bend all the elements at once-we follow so as not to lose and not confuse the elements, if not - then we cut the elements as they are assembled .

Step 2

Let's start assembling the body of the Automatic Sentry Turret Portal. To do this, you need "skins" with the letters: A, B, C, D (highlighted in red in Fig.).

Starting from “skin” B, we glue “skin” A and C-box to it with glue (preferably glue stick). Then the “skin” D is the back.

Step 3

Now we will collect the left and right parts of the Automatic turret, on which the guns are mounted.

In the picture:

  • left (red) - E, F, G, H;
  • right (blue) - I, J, K, L.

Left side: stick the “narrow” part of the H leather to the “wide”, then E, F, G; the same with the right side.

Step 4

We assemble the mount and tools for attaching the left and right sides to the body.

In the picture:

  • left mount (red) - M, N, O, P;
  • right mount (blue) - Q, R, S, T.

Start with Q (right side), part Q - flat cube; then glue part R. Part R is attached to part Q.

S and T are turret cannons, one is bigger, the other is smaller.

All parts are assembled together as shown in the picture and attached to the left and right side of the turret.

Step 5

Let's start assembling the legs of the Automatic Turret - this is probably the most difficult stage.

Each leg has its own sweep in the pattern:

  • front left leg (red) - U and V
  • front left (blue) - W and X;
  • back leg (green) - Y and Z.

First, we collect the upper part of the legs (U, W, Z), then lower (V, X, Y), and glue them together. The legs are better to sign (as in the figure) in a place where they will be attached to the body, so as not to confuse.

Step 6

All parts of the Automatic Turret Paper Model (Sentry Turret) Portal are ready.  

Let's proceed to the final assembly: first, glue the left and right sides (doors) to the body, glue it one at a time, then wait until the glue dries and glue the second. Now we glue the legs to the body - first 2 front, then back.

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