LED Paper Light

Paper LED lamp (flashlight)can be put on the table or placed on the wall.   Perfect for an event when you need to quickly create the right atmosphere.

Magnets are used to hold the LED with a battery, as well as to attach a lamp to a metal surface. Magnets replace with double-sided scotch.

Materials and tools:

  1. 2 small magnets (double-sided tape);
  2. LED (of any type and color), battery;
  3. sheet of paper
  4. Scotch;
  5. A printer for printing a drawing.

Step 1

We print the picture. Then, using adhesive tape, glue the magnets on the edge of the sheet slightly away from the corners. We twist the sheet into the cylinder, dock the edges of the sheet and, holding the place of the joint, glue the sheet together with tape along the edges and in the middle.

Step 2

Let's start the lighting.Take the LED and the battery, connect "+" with "+", "-" with "-" (the LED has a long wire - this is "+"). To attach the LED to the battery use the tape. After connecting, the LED should start to shine.

Take the LED with the battery and attach it inside the lamp to the bottom magnet. If you have not used a magnet, use an adhesive tape to fix the LED with the battery inside the luminaire.

Enjoy the result. This lamp works for about 5 days. To create a lamp, you can use synthetic paper - it is more durable.

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