Original Hand Made Envelope

In such an original gift envelope you can, say, donate money. Write a favorite letter with a confession, he will definitely be delighted with such an envelope. Gifts in the "Hand Made" style are always original and unique and are in no way comparable to those purchased in the store. In order to create a postcard-envelope in the scrapbooking technique with your own hands you will need: 1. Thick A4 paper; 2. Scrap paper or any decorative paper labels; 3. Scissors, pencil, ruler; 4. Bilateral office tape; 5. Glue gun; 6. Cotton ribbon, paper flowers.
 materials and tools
First you need to fold A4 sheet into a workpiece of arbitrary size. To do this, bend the sheet across in two places. Then cut out of decorative paper details, in size, corresponding to the outer parts of the envelope. Decorative paper and labels can be bought at many art stores. To give them a finished look, as well as to emphasize manual work, you can sew the edges of the parts on a sewing machine. It is better to use threads to match decorative paper, although in some cases a contrast line is appropriate.
 sew the edges of the details
Then use a double-sided tape to fasten the cotton tape in the center an envelope. Ribbon made of natural material is great for decorating any items in the hand made style. You do not need to glue the tape in the inner pocket area, otherwise the envelope will not close!
 Tape made of natural material
After the tape is fixed, glue the details from decorative paper to the blank. The work gradually acquires a finished look.
 glue the details of decorative paper
Now, using narrow strips of adhesive tape, you can glue the sidewalls of the inside pocket.
glue the sidewalls of the inside pocket
You can begin to decorate the envelope. To do this, select the desired decorative label. If such labels are not available, you can print any greeting and cut curly scissors.
choose the desired decorative label
Getting to the decoration of paper flowers. These flowers are sold in specialized stores for needlework. It is necessary to carefully select their shape and size so that the finished composition looks harmoniously and is combined with the color gamut and style of decorative paper. First you need to carefully cut off their wire legs, and twist the buds together in pairs.
 Getting Started with Flower Decoration
With hot glue we glue the flowers along the edge of the label. In the center we attach the largest flower, then, closer to the edge - smaller flowers, and complete the composition with small buds.
 Original Hand Made Envelope
Can Add finishing touches in the form of crystals or beads to the envelope,tie a ribbon in a beautiful bow and an original envelope in the technique of scrapbooking is ready!  Original envelope A gift in such an envelope will never get lost among others and will emphasize sincerity and special attitude. Using the above technique, you can create postcards and envelopes for any holidays and events.

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