Original envelopes for money with their own hands

Money is an excellent and useful gift for almost any holiday. And in order to hand them in an original way, you can make an interesting envelope yourself.

Ways to make money envelopes

How to make an envelope for money with your own hands? Below are different ways.

Method one

An attractive gift envelope can be made using origami techniques. You will need paper and scissors.

Manufacturing process:

  1. Cut a square from a sheet. Put it in front of you in the form of a diamond.
  2. Fold the rhombus in half, and as a result of this manipulation, you should face a triangle. Its upper corner bend down to the bottom of the figure.
  3. Next, bend to the center of his right corner. Also do with the left corner.
  4. From the middle of the workpiece, bend the corner, which was in the center at the top. Open it and place in the center to make a small diamond pocket.
  5. Now the upper triangle, which will close the envelope, fold to the center, and place its tip into the rhombus formed in the previous paragraph. Done!

Second way

In this way, you can make an original packaging not only for money, but for small things, such as jewelry or jewelry. Here's what you need:

  • a sheet of beautiful heavy paper;
  • compass;
  • scissors;
  • ruler with a pencil;
  • ribbon or string.


  1. A square is cut from a paper sheet. Approximately in its center draw one more square from a pencil with a ruler.
  2. From each side of the square with a compass draw a semicircle. On these lines cut off all unnecessary. You should have something like a four-petal flower.
  3. Now formed petals along the contours of the sides of the central square bend to the center. Fold them one by one, so that the edges intertwine interestingly.
  4. In the center or crisscrossing, wrap the packaging with a string or ribbon, without forgetting to put a prepared gift inside.

Third way

An interesting envelope can quickly be made from a heart. For making prepare a sheet of bright paper, pencil, scissors, glue.


  1. First you need to cut a smooth heart. To make it neat, it's better to fold the sheet in half and draw one outline, and then cut off all unnecessary.
  2. So, your even heart is ready.Put it in front of you face down.
  3. Bend the small semicircular areas of its lateral parts toward the center.
  4. Next, bend the upper part so that it is practically at the edges of the folds of the side sections.
  5. At the bottom there will be a triangle, and it will need to be bent up.
  6. Glue the joints.

Fourth way

This simple and elegant envelope is suitable for men, as it has nothing superfluous and looks concise. For the manufacture of this method will require a sheet of square paper, a ruler, glue with a pencil.


  1. Mark the center of the sheet with a dot, pre-measuring the distance to the edges.
  2. Next, put a square obliquely, that is, a diamond. Its side corners bend to the central made mark.
  3. The lower part is folded upward so that it covers the central portion and joints. Glue it to the sides.
  4. Fold the upper remaining triangle: it will close the envelope.

Method Five

This method is no less simple than those described above. You will need two sheets of fairly dense colored or decorative paper (better than different colors), scissors, glue (it can be replaced with double-sided tape), a pencil with a ruler.

Process description:

  1. Cut a square, draw a smaller square in the center (you can use an old envelope for the base), and decorate the side parts in the form of figured petals. Outside prepared.
  2. Now make the inside. Draw a square that is almost equal to the central square of the outer part. From above draw one petal. Glue this part to the outside, gluing both blanks with the wrong sides.
  3. Fold the side petals to the central section, then bend the lower part upwards, glue the joints.
  4. It remains to bend the upper petal to the envelope closed.


How to decorate a ready envelope, in which money will be presented? This can be done in various ways:

  1. Drawings. Armed with felt-tip pens, pencils or paints, you will be able to decorate an envelope with different images, for example, butterflies, coins or bills, animals, bows. And if you do not have artistic skills, then use stencils.
  2. Lace They are best glued along the edge of the upper part, covering the envelope. Contrast laces, which differ from the main range, will look especially bright.
  3. Appliques.They can be made from both paper and textile materials, such as felt or other fabrics. It is best to glue them with universal glue or glue gun.
  4. Tapes. They can play the role of envelope ties, but you can also make a beautiful bow.
  5. Rhinestones, beads and stones. Place them on the surface of the envelope randomly, in a certain order, or in the form of a contour or filled image.
  6. Sequins. Sprinkle them on a glue-covered envelope to create the effect of powdered sugar or sparkling snow.

Now you can give money or a small gift in an original way.

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