Original box - no big deal

If you are thinking about the fact that you need a new casket, it means that you have accumulated quite a large number of different little things that you are tired of collecting on the shelves and on the tables.

Lovers of every kind of jewelry and jewelry with great pleasure receive as a gift miniature, and not very much, caskets in which it is best to store their numerous rings, earrings, bracelets and other things.

You can decorate anything

In addition, a convenient box can be a great place for storing handicraft details: beads, beads, threads, ribbons - all this will be perfectly settled in one small, but very nice box.

If your home has accumulated a decent set of different jars, boxes and other containers, in which your “treasures” are laid out, then you can give them a pleasant aesthetic look that will delight you and your household.

Spend a few hours to get a stylish and elegant casket that best fits into your home environment.

This is the main advantage of hand-made: with your own hands for relatively small funds, you can please yourself with interesting things that will carry an exclusive character. A casket with your own hands is also a wonderful gift that can be made for your relatives or friends without spending a lot of time and energy.

The main creative approach

There is a fairly large number of ways that allows you to make the most unusual and diverse caskets, the design and complexity of which, depends only on you and on your desire.

Someone takes up the creation of beautiful caskets from the very foundation: they cut out plywood or wooden boxes, put them together and only then begin to decorate the product.

But you can do it easier: turn around, you will surely find a huge amount of available tools that will help you in creating the box of your dreams.

It turns out that very unusual and original boxes for decorations or other trifles can be created from almost anything: an egg container, an old book, an empty cardboard box with a separate lid, matchboxes, or even plain paper! If you put very little imagination and energy, then you can do a lot, most importantly, it's a positive attitude!

For the nice little things

Caskets from the egg container

You, probably, will think, what is it it is unreal, but, it appears, all is possible! To create such a miracle, you will need a regular egg container, in which they are sold in any supermarket, PVA glue, curly raw pasta (preferably various figures - stars, horns, leaves), acrylic paint and toilet paper.

To begin with, we wrap our container in a kind of papier-mâché: to do this, pour the PVA glue into a deep cup or plate, and in it begin to soften small pieces of toilet paper.

Here's how to use the tray

Glue the bottom of the container with toilet paper soaked in glue so that it is covered with a layer of such weight by 0.3 mm. Do the same with the top.

Now the most important thing: you need to lay out the ornament from the figured pasta, it's best to do it densely enough that they almost completely cover the lid and sides of your future casket.

Macaroni just squeezed into the pulp. You should get a rather unusual box, which is densely pasted with figured pasta. Now it's time to decorate our box to get a beautiful shade and shine.

For this we use golden acrylic paint, with which we cover the entire casket in several layers. Separate lines and contours can be slightly tinted a few tones below, which will give your box even more volume. As you can see, nothing is complicated, but exciting and interesting!

How to make a box from an old book?

As we have said, you can make a beautiful box not only from the usual materials: cardboard, boxes or wood. We will tell you a simple lesson that allows you to make an incredibly beautiful, unusual and even slightly vintage box from an ordinary book.

To do this, you will have to pick up a fairly thick, hardcover, book, PVA glue, ruler, sharp knife, acrylic primer and acrylic paints.

If you want to create an unusual decor of your product, then stock up in advance: pick up old photos, for example, with the image of Merlin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or other religious personalities. You may need unusual letters, patterns or iron corners, which can be purchased in stores all for hand-made.

We open the book and on the first page we mark two lines - from edge to edge, in such a way that you get a drawn bottom.Repeat soybean markup on each page, so the product will be more accurate.

Books may be useful to you.

With the help of a sharp knife and an iron ruler, it is necessary to cut out the extra internal parts of the pages, and it is better to carry out the process in stages, cutting several pages, and not all at once. Of course, to ensure that your box is neat, you'll have to sit a little with the carving, but without it, nowhere.

The next step is to glue the remaining parts of the pages in order to bond together the resulting "walls" of the box. During the pasting pages, make sure that they do not squint and do not go to the side. After they are completely dry, carefully glue the inner surface of the walls.

When everything is completely dry, we cover the whole box with an acrylic primer, let it dry - the base for your masterpiece is ready. How to decorate such an original box? It's simple enough: you have to trust your imagination and create!

Choose a paint that fits the base: it can be beige, light brown or golden in color, so your casket will get the shades of vintage.

In order to sink the edges of the book, you can use distress ink, which will give them an unusual "dilapidation" effect.Glue the iron corners, place the photos, add the necessary patterns and once again cover the box with a layer of paint. Our casket is ready!

Some more interesting ideas

In fact, in order for an old box from under a purse or candy to turn into a graceful box, you can use the skills that you have long mastered. For example, you can sew ribbons or threads, but do not know where to apply it?

Cover the tight box with a cloth that has a beautiful pattern already embroidered, add a braid or a few buttons that will give your box grace.

This jewelry box can be not only a wonderful gift, but also another occasion that reminds you that handicraft is a wonderful and very exciting hobby that you can do with your whole family, making your leisure time great.

Fans of quilling technology can create unusual openwork boxes, and crochet masters can make a delicate box on a tight frame. As you can see, in any business - the main thing is fantasy and the desire to create, and everything else is to attach ourselves!

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