Orange Gift Box

Orange Gift Boxis a bright and very beautiful gift box made of colored cardboard.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored cardboard;
  2. scissors;
  3. glue;
  4. compass or something to draw a circle.

Step 1

On a sheet of pink cardboard, draw a circle of 10 cm and cut 2 circles, also cut a 7.4 cm circle from pink cardboard and a 9.4 cm circle from white cardboard. Cut a small pink circle into 6 parts and slightly round the corners with scissors. Take a big pink circle on it and glue a white one and on top 6 pieces of a small pink circle. It looks like an orange.

Step 2

We cut 2 strips of 30 cm long and 3.75 cm wide from pink cardboard. From each edge we make “cloves” at one edge, departing from the edge of 1.25 cm; bend the teeth. We glue the ends of the strips, getting 2 circles.

One circle should be slightly larger than the other so that one can "dress" over the other.

Step 3

Take a large circle of pink cardboard and glue to it a circle of a strip of cardboard, applying glue on the "denticles." Then put on the second circle, put glue on the "teeth" and glue a circle with orange slices.

Step 4

Decorate the gift box. Cut out 2 green leaves from the green cardboard and glue them to the box; you can also decorate with a string or ribbon.

Gift Box Orangeis ready, using a multi-colored cardboard you can make a lot of bright gift boxes.

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