Optimum hair length for biochemical curling

The optimal hair length for curling - just below the shoulders. But a professional master is able to build a real masterpiece on a shorter head of hair. The main thing is to find out what the client wants.

Biochemical wave for long-haired girls

The easiest way to perform a perm on long hair. First, if a woman has not cut her curls for a long time, they will be of the same length, which will greatly facilitate the process of curling.
Secondly, it is on the curls below the shoulder blades that beautiful large curls are obtained that look very natural. With this type of biochemical waving, the hair rises at the roots and, starting from the middle of the length, falls in smooth waves, twisting most intensely at the tips.
Particularly natural is biochemistry on heavy hair, when under the weight of hair the curls straighten a little and lay down with a natural “waterfall”.
But thick, uncut and previously unpainted curls have one minus - biochemistry is kept very short on them.

Curl for medium curls

Biochemistry on medium-length hair looks slightly different than on long hair.
The owners of the shoulder-length hair should remember that when curling your hair will be somewhat shorter. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose the diameter of files, based on the shape of the face and the type of appearance.
Small curls are more suitable for women with small features - a narrow mouth, small eyes, a thin face. In addition, this kind of curling will shorten the length by half and instead of curls to the shoulders, there will be hair barely covering the chin.
Biochemistry on medium-length hair looks most appropriate with large curls. First, it almost does not shorten them. Second, it creates additional natural volume.

Biochemistry and short haircut

Many people think that the optimal hair length for a curl is at least 40 cm. And for some reason, biochemistry on short haircuts is associated with the hairstyle of Soviet pensioners.
Today, hairdressers have decisively debunked the myth of the incompatibility of curls and short hair.Stylists claim that to perform biochemistry, it is enough to have curls with a length of 6 cm.
To look young and perky, you should choose a combined version. For example, curl the hair on the crown and temples, and the back of the head to leave straight.
Particularly pleased with the biochemical perm on a short haircut for women who do not have free time, because it does not require styling.

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