Oprah Winfrey lost 28 kilos, counting calories

The largest figure of the American television science, 62-year-old Oprah Winfrey decided on a dramatic change.

As they say, it’s never too late to start changing ... For Opry Winfrey, one of America’s most famous teledivs, this moment came when she was 62 years old! It is in this age favorite viewers dropped 28 kg and says that this is not the limit.

And it all began, as one might think, not with diets and gyms ... Oh, that Winfrey never cared, but, oddly enough, with money!

As the celebrity admits, the owners of the company Weight Watchers turned to her with a proposal to become their investor. But Oprah would not be the richest woman in American TV if she agreed to a deal blindly. She replied that she should first try their own diet and be convinced of its effectiveness. This conversation was in August 2015. And in October, the TV star publicly announced that she was investing $ 43 million in the company for a 10 percent stake and a seat on the board of directors.

And in the meantime, she began to lose weight ... “The diet of weight watchers” (this is how it was translated into Russian) is based on the simple and effective principle “eat less, move more”. In this case, as it turned out, almost everything is possible, but at the same time points (points) are assigned to each product. People weighing up to 70 kg can eat only 18 points per day, while heavyweights from 100 kg and more are entitled to a 26 point diet. Gradually, the transition from one weight category to another - a smaller one. The number of allowed points per day decreases accordingly. Of course, at first glance it seems rather dreary to write down any eaten croissant in a notebook. But in fact, this is not necessary. Calories for you think smart app!

By the way, in the end, Oprah lost 28 kg over the year. But where to a large number has become heavier than her wallet. After all, the company could not even dream of a better advertisement than the Opry Winfrey.

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