Opinion of men: 7 stupid mistakes of girls on the first date

“You are just a cosmos, Stas!” - all the girls of the country sang after the release of the video “Leningrad” for the song “Ecstasy”. "Cosmic" Stas played Anton Filippenko. We will soon see him in the new show-performance “The Office” on the stage of St. Petersburg. Especially for Wday.ru handsome actor told about the role and how to behave the girls on the first date, to please the nice guy.

- The first time after the release of the video I was sometimes called Stas. But now it is in the past. I have such an image - a guy from our yard, simple and charming, a bit of an adventurer. Now in the new play “The Office” I play a narcissistic boss who plays sports and watches me. Spectators will be pleased to look at men who make faces and even undress on stage.

Previously, every second girl seemed to me the only one. Now I understand that there are a lot of beautiful ones. Although there are still those that I like, and those who are repelling themselves.

Anton Filipenko and Svetlana Khodchenkova in the clip “Ecstasy”
Photo: frame from the clip

What attracts girls

Smile.I like girls from whom for some reason the eye does not take my eyes off. You look so long that it is indecent. This is chemistry. And if you smile, in general, everything is immediately clear.

"And talk?"A girl should not be bored. With me you can talk about the movie, about the theater. In the first two hours of the conversation, it is already clear whether we are interested together, whether to continue.

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What repels girls

Grumpy.Scruffy clothes, make-up, words ... I love the stylish. With parameters, not necessarily 90–60–90, but with a good figure.

Battle paint.I do not like it when it is too made up. There are cosmetics that are not noticeable.

Like a peacock.On the first date it is not necessary to put on all the best. Of course, I would like to see how the girl looks on heels, but not necessarily immediately. In the first meeting and sneakers fit, they just see what the girl figure.

Crushes intellect.Sweet chatter is good in moderation. It is interesting to listen and tell yourself as equals. If a girl speaks incessantly, and even on uninteresting topics, it becomes boring.Squeezes stories and does not assess the situation, this is a big minus.

All ammo at once.Do not immediately brag about everything: how do you know how to cook, and how do you process photos ... Why should I immediately upload all of my cartridges? Maybe she is not sure of herself? Most importantly, what kind of person are you.

No game.No need to woo me. You need to be a person, to deal with yourself, and not to impose, not to play. A girl is interesting when she is self-sufficient.

No need to delay.I do not consider it bad if on the first evening we go to me or to her. It all depends on the situation. But if it takes too long, goodbye. "Let's stay friends" - I will be offended. Although sometimes, of course, you can wait a few months, it all depends on the degree of interest.

Anton Filipenko on stage:

"Office" (16+)

Akimov Comedy Theater,

February 20, 7 pm

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