Olivia Palermo knows how to look cool in an office

And you can repeat her outfit without much damage to the wallet.

If you believe the American businesswoman, the cell this fall again in a trend. And this time it is fashionable not only to acquire one thing, but to practice a full-fledged total look. Despite the fact that the first association with the cell is Scotland, the roots of the print go down in history, and checkered materials are found almost in the times of Ancient Egypt. It can be concluded that even in ancient times, people knew how to dress with taste. But back to our days.

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Olivia chose a classic cut coat, cropped trousers, black ankle boots and a fuchsia sport shirt as a color accent. Moreover, the variants of the cell of a fashionista preferred different. Pants refer to the kilt - the national dress of Scotland, but the coat has a slightly different color, called glenchek.

Distinguishing Scottish from Glenchek can be very easy.For the first print is characterized by a large cell with multi-colored stripes. Initially, this pattern was owned by 11 Scottish clans and was created strictly according to the laws of heraldry, and in each locality there was a different color of threads.

Glenchek appeared much later and became one of the versions of shooters. Only now the large squares have given way to small curlicues instead of the diagonal lines that draw these squares. This option may be a little ruffle, but continues to look stylish.

How to repeat

When choosing a cage, you need to remember that it visually enlarges the shape, so when you buy it is worth considering the size of the pattern. The best option is a square with a length of 4−6 centimeters. This print is more practical and goes to almost everyone.

Photo: lamoda.ru
Photo: lamoda.ru

Mango pants on the left, 2999 rubles (to buy)

Right pants You & You, 2150 rubles instead of 2399 (buy)

Photo: yoox.com
Photo: kupivip.ru

Left double-coat coat NOISY MAY, 5500 rubles (to buy)

BGN short coat on the right, 5790 rubles (to buy)

When there are already two active things in the image, and in the case of Palermo there are pants and a coat, then the rest is better to choose in a monochrome scale. Olivia preferred a solid sporty top, and put on her black patent leather ankle boots.

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