Nude fashion swimwear

Summer can not be imagined without the beach, girls, and beautiful swimsuits worn on them. This piece of clothing has long become as important as, for example, a suit or clothing for walking.

That's why every girl scrupulously approaches the choice of a swimsuit, which should not just fit in size, but emphasize the advantages, and hide the shortcomings, if any. And it is also important that this element of the wardrobe was stylish and fashionable.

Today we will talk about beach flesh-colored suits, they are incredibly sexy and look rather original.

Undisguised sexuality

To thank for the idea with the "naked" swimsuit is, oddly enough, a man - Cañi West. He decided to make the girls as natural as possible, giving up the bright, “screaming” shades, and making the beach sets almost a continuation of the body. So, what are the rules to follow when choosing such a thing?

  1. The first thing you need to do to make clothes of nude color look really attractive is to tan.On fair-skinned women such models will look very pale and once again emphasize the lack of tan.
  2. The main rule of choice - the thing should be darker than your skin by 1-2 shades. If you are afraid that it will visually merge with the body, choose models with black edging, as in the photo.
  3. Beige color is also able to visually correct female forms. For example, a nude bodice with a shuttlecock or ruffle can increase the bust. This technique is perfect for girls with a small size. And the same trim on swimming trunks will draw attention to the delicious thighs. But do not try to kill two birds with one stone, choosing clothes for the beach, where such decor is present on the top and bottom, you risk losing, because the emphasis will remain on the hips.
  4. Those who want to create an image of a captivating and wild Amazon should choose models with a combination of flesh and brown colors. Perfectly complement the bow short beach skirt and headband for hair.
  5. If you want to add brightness to your beach image, you can choose a swimsuit with a trendy decor. Artificially large stones, rhinestones, fringe and appliqués are perfectly combined with beige.
  6. Stylists argue that the fusion model, with deep cuts on the chest and high cuts in the hips, will be as popular and sexy as the separate options.

And of course, it is worth remembering, in order to look attractive, and feel that way, you should always be in great shape. Despite criticism from the side of the guardians of morality and some piquancy nude nuance, it remains at the peak of popularity. And because there is no reason to deny yourself the purchase of such a thing.

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