Novgorod Kremlin: description, history, excursions, exact address


Novgorod Kremlin - a pearl in a necklace of historical monuments of Russia.

Novgorod Kremlin - the object of the national treasure of Russia. The fortress is located on the banks of the Volkhov River. The history of the Novgorod Kremlin began under Prince Vladimir Yaroslavich (son of Yaroslav the Wise). Initially, the Kremlin was built to protect women and children from possible raids. The second name of the Novgorod Kremlin is Detinits. By order of Vladimir Yaroslavich, the St. Sophia Cathedral was built in the center of the fortress, which later became the burial place of the prince. There were at the Novgorod Kremlin and terrible days. In 1065 the fortress was burned by the Polovtsy. This helped the restructuring of the Kremlin. In the 12th century, Novgorod became a free city. The city is ruled by the elected popular Veche. Veche holds his meetings in the Kremlin's residence of the prince, the prince himself was reduced in rights and moved to the Settlement. Novgorod Kremlin owes its existence to Archbishop Basil (Kalika). He begins a massive reconstruction of the Kremlin. Wooden buildings are replaced by stone. Fearing the attacks of the Swedes, on his orders erected stone walls around the perimeter of Detinets. Reconstruction began in 1333, and ended in 1437. Vasily's fears were not in vain, in 1348 the Swedes invaded, and this prevented the reconstruction from being completed on time. In the 15th century, Novgorod became part of the Great Moscow Principality. At the same time there is a restructuring of the Kremlin in order to adapt the walls, loopholes for the use of artillery. Prince of Moscow Ivan III with the support of Archbishop Gennady for 12 years, the Novgorod Kremlin was completely rebuilt. Expanded and reinforced walls. Created bastion redoubts. It is in this form, he came to our days. The construction was done conscientiously, the Kremlin survived even the German occupation and full-scale battles.

Today, the Novgorod Kremlin Museum Reserve.

Located at 173007, Veliky Novgorod, the Kremlin, 11.

How to get: from the railway and bus station - by bus number 4 or number 9, from the trade side - by bus number 4, number 19, number 2K or number 17.

It is under the protection of the state as a national treasure. With the development of the tourism industry, the Kremlin and the museums located on its territory have become a tourist Mecca.A lot of museum tours, and experienced guides gladly accept tourists. Excursion routes are designed for every taste, for a variety of tourists. In the Office Building (the main building of the museum) exhibitions are held exposition. Constantly walking routes through the museum reserve, with a visit to St. Sophia Cathedral. Everyone can visit this miracle of national history.

From 10-00 in the morning to 18-00, Tuesday and the last Thursday of each month - the weekend. You can take part in a wonderful journey into the past.

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