Not weak sex: new female images in the series

"Tudors", Anna Boleyn

This is a typical historical cranberry, which would have been impossible to see, if not for Anna Boleyn performed by the delightful Natalie Dormer. The actress suffered a neuritis of the facial nerve, she had a small prozoparez that "twisted" the smile. Probably, for most representatives of the acting profession, this misfortune would be the occasion to finish filming. But not for Natalie.

After this series, I began to read all the books that came to my hand, about the Tudor era and about Henry VIII - from glamorous fairy tales by Philipp Gregory to serious historians. In general, Anna was an amazing woman - not very beautiful, but witty and determined. Henry VIII, it seems, just did not leave her a choice, although she did not plan to become either the wife of the king, not even his mistress.

Not weak sex: new female images in the series

Anna was independent just as much as that time allowed, and had a serious influence on Henry. Everyone knows the tragic end of the second wife of the "Blue Beard" - a separate story:that Heinrich had serious health problems and most likely some genetic abnormalities, due to which, despite five marriages, he was not able to acquire healthy sons. His bastards from mistresses died at an early age, the baby from his first wife did not survive for several weeks, and Prince Edward, whom his third wife bore him, died of tuberculosis in his youth. But, as usual, in the absence of the heirs, they accused Anna, attributed her treason to her, wrote out a special executioner from another country and cut off her head.

The series is very interesting to change the image of Anna - from an innocent girl with long hair to an intriguing queen with complicated headdresses, stunning beauty of dresses and hairstyles.

Very good soundtrack, created by Trevor Morris (noticed that all serials with his music have some special charm), - the theme of Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry, is simply a miracle.

"House of Cards", Claire Underwood

A series about the sly fox Frank Underwood, who will do anything for the sake of power. Without his wife Claire, the series would be an ordinary product about scandals, intrigues, investigations, of which a million.

What makes Claire interesting? She refused to have children, because she considered that this would prevent them with her husband from enjoying the main business of life - politics. She actively supports her husband, prompts him with brilliant moves in a difficult game (one would like to write - thrones) and at the same time is engaged in his own business, where he rules with a hard hand, without feeling sympathy for his subordinates. She sees in them only figures that are useful or useless for business.

Not weak sex: new female images in the series

Every day finds time for jogging. He follows her husband so that he does not forget to train. In the evening, they smoke one cigarette for two, discussing the past day. They are always interesting together, and this interest is involved not in sex (although Claire seems to me very sexy), but on the kinship of minds and souls. Frank can hardly be called an exemplary family man - he sleeps with another, who, although much younger than Claire, is not so elegant and interesting.

Style Claire assorted different thematic communities and fashion editions. Strict dresses of soft colors, short, flawlessly laid haircut, imperfect (in terms of glossy standards) figure. What is the secret of her style, when seemingly ordinary, albeit expensive things make her character so vivid and memorable?

Claire is far from classical femininity - she has broad shoulders and waist, long legs; and it is quite tall. This adds to the image of androgyny, and because of this, her character seems very organic: the iron lady, beautiful and ruthless, cunning, proud and intelligent.

I suspect the character Claire was conceived as negative. But his fate turned out to be similar to Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind, when a beautiful woman who managed to achieve equality and in many ways bypass men became a favorite heroine.

Downton Abbey, Mary Crawley

Mary is the most interesting representative of her family (not counting Granny Grantham by Maggie Smith - but she always replays everyone regardless of the movie), the story of which is told in this series. The action begins at the beginning of the 20th century with a typical tie: three sisters - English roses are looking for suitors and dream of a bright future. History and destiny will make serious corrections in the bright expectations of girls. One of them will marry a driver (a monstrous misalliance!) And will die in childbirth from eclampsia, the other will give birth to an illegitimate child, without getting married.

Not weak sex: new female images in the series

Mary is an older sister, beautiful, independent, intelligent and sharp on the tongue. She does not want to live on orders, is not ready to sacrifice personal happiness, even for the happiness of the whole family. At first, she refuses to marry for a man who will provide them with a comfortable future, then for a journalist who threatens to reveal her shameful personal secret.

Mary, like her father, takes part in affairs, wanted to spit on the rules (sleeping with a man to see if he would be a husband) and, finally, makes herself a short haircut, which for those times is considered a scandal almost less than sex before weddings

"Vikings", Lagerta

This is my favorite character from all foursomes. Lagerta-warrior, the wife of the protagonist of the series, the destroyer of stereotypes about "a beautiful woman is always a bit stupid and weak." In my opinion, she is the most interesting character. Serials often sin with the cardboard character of heroes when we see them only from one side, and it is not clear why they became such and what they would have done in another situation. If the villain - then all the way he causes trouble to others and creates atrocities, if good - then he kisses the children and strokes the puppies.

Lagertu we see different: a gentle mother who cares for her sick daughter, a wolf who rushes to protect her children from invaders, a beautiful woman who is in love with the main character, a mother-in-law who cares about her daughter-in-law, and finally a warrior who brings down a lot of men in battle, not yielding to the power of her husband.

Not weak sex: new female images in the series

Lagerta does not hesitate to give cuffs to her husband when he finds out that he has changed, but publicly (and in his heart) shows respect to Ragnar because he is a glorified warrior, and for this the Vikings forgive all the flaws (which is typical - without separation by gender).

Costumes and hairstyles here are also delicious. In one of the first episodes of Lagert in the vestments of a warrior, with unreal complexity, braids and Smokey Aiz are a masterpiece image of dressers and makeup artists. In this case, the series is not turned into vanilla - all the characters in varying degrees, the plague, in accordance with the situation in the frame.

In general, Michael Hearst (who, incidentally, wrote the script for Tudors), as always, created something remarkable, turning the dirty and stupid Vikings, a barbarian invader people into an amazing tribe of people with blue eyes, where equality prevails and no concepts "chicken - not a bird, woman - not a man."

The depth of the show adds what we see and the other side of the coin: the negative consequences of choosing a woman's way of a warrior. In combat, do not make indulgences pregnant, they are just as killed as other enemies, so foolish heroism can cost a woman's life and an unborn child, and a man can not take the opportunity of continuation with his beloved.

The series is not worth watching for the sake of the protagonist with the appearance of Brad Pitt, but for the sake of amazing Lagerta's integrity - as a reminder that a woman can be strong or weak, wear long hair or shave bald, choose for herself the path of motherhood or realization in another sphere of life and, Finally, successfully combine all of the above.

The fact that non-standard female images began to appear in commercial cinema, speaks of an encouraging trend. Strong, intelligent and independent women begin to evoke general approval in the same way as comfortable "little fools" comfortable in their everyday life, which for some reason has long been considered to be a model of femininity.

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