Not the same: Hugh Grant was shocked by his appearance

The Hollywood actor, who once had a strong reputation as a sex symbol, today looks, to put it mildly, not very. And he himself admits!

An embarrassment was recently discussed in the media: Hugh Grant, who was invited to the TV show, did not recognize his colleague in Bridget Jones's Diaries, Renee Zellweger, in the photo. He just wants to say: "Look at yourself, Mr. Grant!"

About 30 years ago, Hugh was generally recognized as a handsome man, from whose blue eyes women simply melted. It is not surprising that they shot him mainly in romantic comedies in the form of a prince on a white horse. Today, the actor is only 55, but judging from the photographs that appear in the press, Grant has visibly passed. And it's not just wrinkles and gray hair, they, as you know, male beauty is a little hindrance. Just see what happened to the figure ...

This summer, Grant found himself on the pages of publications with beach photographs, in which noticeably swollen forms were visible. For which he even got the nickname “zhirtrest” from journalists. With which, by the way, I agree ...

 Hugh Grant was shocked by the look
Photo: Getty

“During a vacation with my children in Marbella, Spain, I got into the pages of some publications when the paparazzi took a couple of pictures on the beach,” Grant shared in an interview. - You know perfectly well what titles the press has awarded me. They called me fat, and I can't argue with that. Today, my appearance is really shocking, it's just terrible. "

Also, the actor explained what caused such a change in the figure: he was addicted to alcohol and especially beer. Of course, this is a disgrace, given the fact that Grant and the Italian millionaire Vacca, whose forms the Internet is now admiring, are almost the same age.

By the way, just the other day, Hugh's former common-law wife, actress Elizabeth Hurley, struck Insragram subscribers with a slim figure that any model would envy.

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