Nikita Presnyakov came to graduation to his girlfriend

Nikita's beloved Alena Krasnova received a high school diploma.
Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova photo
Photo: npresnyakov

For Nikita, school years are long gone, but his beloved girl Alena Krasnova has just entered adult life. I just could not miss such an event and not share joy with my friend Nikita, as a gallant cavalier.

Presnyakov appeared at the festival in the usual everyday clothes - jeans, T-shirt and waistcoat, the main star of the evening was Alena in a gentle mint dress with a fluffy skirt, open back and hairstyle in the Greek style.

On his page on Instagram, the grandson of Alla Pugacheva published a touching photo on which she hugs a girl. “Congratulations, the pusik with graduation! Welcome to the world of a lot of problems, I love you, ”the musician wrote.

Fans of the singer filled up a couple of greetings and laudatory comments, some even wrote that the photo is more like a wedding.

Recall that in January there were rumors about the separation of Nikita and Alena. The musician made a statement: "She admitted that she does not love me and does not want to torment me."

This news has become like a bolt from the blue. Presnyakov has already introduced Krasnov to his family - the famous grandmother and mother, his relatives said that Alyona is our man and this is it!

It was rumored that the 22-year-old stylist and makeup artist, whose name is Lydia, became the new chosen one of Nikita. But the information has not been confirmed. Fans are also perplexed: the musician now and then lays out joint photos with the ex-girlfriend on Instagram.

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova photo
Photo: @npresnyakov

The couple visited the new "Children's World", visited the show "Park", where they were aged.

“Perhaps after a lot of years, Alyonushka and I will be such old men. Thanks to the Park program on Channel One, ”wrote Nikita.

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova photo
Photo: @npresnyakov

Yes, and Alyona herself has repeatedly published footage in Nikita’s society. Fans of the couple suspect that the news of the breakup was a “duck” for the press. The lovers did it so that the journalists would stop crawling into their personal lives.

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