New Year's Topiary "Herringbone"

On the eve of the new year, you want to please yourself and loved ones with all sorts of New Year's attributes. And the main symbol of the New Year is, of course, the Christmas tree! Such a Christmas tree topiary will decorate the desktop in an office or a room in the house, and a candy surprise will delight the sweet tooth. For the manufacture of Christmas trees from sisal will need the following materials: 1. Sisal is green and beige (on a tree with a height of 28 cm and a base diameter of 10 cm it takes two meters of sisal 50 cm wide), 2. A ball of twine, 3. Cardboard, 4. Scissors, 5. Clay PVA, 6. Cardboard, 7. Decorative ornaments (beads, garlands, balls, spangles, etc.), 8. Candy, 9. Stapler, 10. Corrugated paper, 11. Gloves.
 New Year Topiary Fir-tree
First we make a cone of cardboard, fix it with a stapler or glue. You do not need to make a wide base of the cone, since such a Christmas tree is almost doubled in width due to the balls. A cardboard cone is neatly wound with a string.It should start from the top of the cone, securing the tail of the twine with glue. Next, the glue can be applied along the generatrix of the cone and continue to wrap, a lot of glue is absolutely unnecessary. At the end of the tail twine can be fixed with a stapler in several places for reliability. Twine is needed not only to strengthen the cone, it also makes a beautiful base. If somewhere between the sisal balls there will be a translucent cone wrapped in twine - it will be beautiful.
 New Year's Topiary Yelochka
New Year's topi Yelochka
 New Year's Topiary Yelochka
The next step is to hide the cone candy surprise. Put candies in a cone and fix the bottom with green corrugated paper with a stapler. Excess neatly cut off. The paper is thick and strong, will hold securely. It's okay if the edges are a little messy.All this will be covered with sisal balls. After leaving the cone to dry, we will start rolling the sisal balls. It is better to roll the balls with gloves, as the material is spiny. Balls ride around the same size, dense. Dense balls look neater and stick better. Once the balls are ready, glue them to the cone. We start from the bottom up in order. You can stick randomly, and you can come up with a pattern and follow it. At the top we glue one ball to make it look like a Christmas tree.
 New Year's Topiary Elochka
 New Year Topiary Herringbone
 New Year Topiary Fir-tree
 Christmas Topiary Fir-tree
After the Christmas tree is glued with balls of sisal, proceed to the decoration. We wrap the Christmas tree with red beads and in a chaotic order we glue pearl beads (large white and small beige). Christmas topiary with candy surprise from sisal is ready!

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