Necklace with notebook

Probably, each person, choosing his own style, necessarily wants his dress to have something that you will not see exactly on others. The variant with a dress, skirts and blouses - disappears, because even in fashionable boutiques make two exclusive dresses, and not one. Moreover, there are such excesses when it is necessary to write down some small, but important information, but there is no leaf at hand. That's when exactly such a masterpiece as a necklace with a notebook will come to your aid, where the pendant will be in the form of a notebook. For such a grandiose thing you will be helped by such materials as: scissors, colorless glue, cloth or satin ribbon, needle and thread , button-rivet, matches, chain, four links, a chain half a meter and a clasp, A4 sheet or adhesive sheets, cardboard sheet.

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