Natural cosmetics for healthy skin

The choice of cosmetics is not obliged to be based on a ringing name and value, no matter how accented by advertising. You do not fit every expensive cream or serum in an elegant box, but exclusively personally favorable to your skin.


The composition of the components, as a rule, is printed in the instructions. Read it. Concentrate on the presence in the cosmetics of natural elements - because they are much more vigorously absorbed and, most importantly, with greater utility affect your skin than creams and masks, formed on the basis of chemical synthesis.


Natural cosmetics more suited to the composition of our cells and therefore does not cause allergies, perfectly nourishing, protecting and suspending the aging of the skin. In the instructions of the cosmetic components are placed as the decrease in their quantitative content in the composition.



High-quality cosmetic product contains a range of natural products: vegetable and animal oils; minerals that make up the sea salt; herbal extracts; natural acids and more.


Oils of vegetable origin. They are called essential oils. They have the properties of moisturizing, softening, nutrition of the skin, they contain vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants that are extremely important for the existence of skin cells. Moisturizing effects have: apricot, peach, soybean, almond, sunflower oil, as well as oil produced from jojoba. The skin gets quite a different diet when it is wiped with oils of the fruits of avocado, cocoa, shea and olive tree. Cosmetics for rejuvenation contains: sesame and carrot oils; Extremely useful for aging skin is oil squeezed from grape seeds, borage oil and oil obtained from wheat germ.


Sea salt. The famous quality of salt to absorb and restrain moisture is fully detected when it is introduced into the composition of cosmetic creams and masks. Cosmetic based on Dead Sea salt enriched with minerals is absolutely harmless and highly effective for maintaining fluid balance in the upper and deeper skin layers. Salt is used for natural cleaning and exfoliation of dead skin cells. It is used as a key element in peeling.Walking into the channels, sea salt feeds the cells with the necessary minerals, which are concentrated in its formula in no small variety.


Sea pearls. Powder made from sea pearls, the amount of which in the composition of cosmetics indicates an increased quality of the product, provides for the renewal of skin cells and suppresses inflammation in them. Vigorous regeneration of skin cells inhibits its aging. With a significant content of pearl powder in the formula of a skin care substance a significant whitening and anti-tan effect is found.


Hyaluronic acid. Today, for hyaluronic acid, the fame of one of the best moisturizing agents has been recorded. It is included in cosmetics for the face of increased quality. The effect of hyaluronic acid also extends to solving skin problems, because it is an excellent bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing agent.


Lactic acid. The natural product produced during the fermentation of dairy products or beer has the properties to moisturize and brighten the skin, moreover, has a mild anti-inflammatory effect.Dry, devoid of moisture, flabby skin under the influence of cosmetics, which consists of lactic acid, for a short time stops accelerating the feeling of tightness, brightens and looks more vigorous.


Squalane. This is the name of clear shark liver oil. It is included in cosmetics for skin softness. Specificity of this product is that when applied to the surface of the body or face, it instantly creeps in, leaving no prints in the form of an oil film and not clogging the pores. As a result, squalane is included in the component in the care product for each type of skin. The effect of its effect is manifested in skin getting soft, soft and silky.


Lanolin. This is a fat-like substance derived from sheep's grease. Lanolin is used as a softening ingredient in cosmetics for skin care of increased dryness.

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