Movie style: fashion films that everyone should see

Cinema is designed not only to expand the horizons and to awaken interest in life, but also to inspire, because some films are able to influence a sense of style and create a fashionable mood. To see the most daring outfits of designers, to appreciate the creations of independent artists and world-famous stylists - all this is possible thanks to the cinema! Woman’s Day has put together eight films that every girl who is interested in fashion should watch.

"Verushka: Life in front of the camera"

Vorushka von Lendorf
Vorushka von Lendorf
Photo: Getty Images

The documentary film Veruska: Life in Front of the Camera is for those who perceive fashion not only as entertainment, but also as art. The painting is a series of self-portraits of Veruschka von Lendorf, a popular model, actress and artist of the late 60s. A difficult childhood, a dizzying career, a special view of the world - the film reveals all facets of Verushka’s life and work. The film is obligatory for viewing to those who want to learn more about the history of fashion, because Veruschka is not just a model, she is a cult character, the muse of photographers and artists.Its influence on the world of fashion and the world of art should not be underestimated.

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