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If you have the desire to start every morning not from a sad state or from thoughts about how “sick” everything is, so that thoughts quickly acquire the correct order, and the body and soul are prepared to conquer all the newest peaks, that is, a very simple remedy -regular morning exercises in the complex exercises! And this is not nonsense! After all, even a small physical activity:


1. It will help to improve the blood supply and will promote normal metabolism. And this means that the body will quickly wake up, get involved in the work, it will be better to assimilate the substances necessary for it.


2. It will be better to produce endorphin - the hormone of joy. Therefore, after physical effort, there is satisfaction and peace.


3. It will help to suppress stress, will remove harmful toxins and negative energy will pass.


4.The concentration of attention will improve, the satisfaction will increase.


5. Physical good tone will be provided and muscles will be tightened.


Of course, regular exercise with fitness, jogging, swimming or other sports will only improve the results, but you need to start at least small, that is, start doing morning exercises, and in the future you canbuy a subscription to a fitness clubwhich is in your city! If you do not want to go to a fitness club, you canbuy a trainer for home- treadmill, exercise bike and other devices.


So, that with the help of a set of necessary movements for morning exercises appeared cheerful mood, it is necessary to start the day in such a way: as soon as you wake up you need to stretch, even when you are lying in bed. Then you need to smile at yourself and the world around you, tell yourself that today everything will turn out for you and quietly, slowly, get out of bed. Then you need to wash your face with cool, even cold water, brush your teeth and return to the room. Perform morning exercises can be accompanied by the music that you most prefer.


After all the exercises have been done very well, a contrast shower will be taken, and if you wipe yourself after a shower with a hard towel, it will help "cheer up the skin", but at the end of this procedure you need to pamper your skin with lotion or body milk.


Exercise for physical morning exercises can be divided into a warm-up and directly charging itself, or rather it will be said, this is the morning exercises. If you want to just wake up and cheer up, you can only do a warm-up, and then with a calmed soul to do the usual morning chores.


Morning exercises - a set of exercises



The warm-up in the process of morning exercises is aimed primarily at developing the main articular parts of the body with the help of rotation, tilt, extension and flexion. The most recommended sequence of execution is the movement from top to bottom, that is, you need to start from the neck and finish with stops.


To conduct the morning warm-up is necessary with the performance of each exercise 4-10 times, in the following way:


1. Head:


  • a) Rotation of the head left-right.
  • b) Lean back and forth.
  • c) Slow head rotation.


2. Shoulders and arms:


  • a) Movement with the rotation of the shoulder joints, first the right shoulder, then the left, then both at the same time.
  • b) The rotation of the straightened arms from the shoulder joints from top to bottom, that is, you need to draw as large a circle as possible.
  • c) short swing hands with their change - first, the right hand is lowered down, and the left - at the top and vice versa.
  • d) The arms are bent in the elbows, at the level of the solar plexus, then twice it is necessary to take them back quickly, and then open them in both directions.
  • e) Make the movement “Scissors” with the hands left and right in front of the rib cage.
  • f) Arms should be bent in elbows, held at the level of the chest, and rotated from side to side with them - so the elbows will warm up.
  • h) Then raise your hands up, and reach for them.


3. Torso:


  • a) Legs set shoulder width apart. At the same time, you should try to keep your back in a level position, without jerking, bend down, the goal is to touch the tips of your fingers or better than the palms of the floor. The chest should aim at the knees.
  • b) Put your hands on your waist, rotate the pelvis first in one direction, then in the other direction.
  • c) Then put the right hand on the belt, put the left one above the head and stretch to the right, and with it the left part of the body. Then repeat everything, the same thing only with the right hand.


4. Legs:


  • a) The hands should hold on to the backrest in the chair and then the legs are carried out: with the swing forward - the leg should be bent, with the swing back - straightened.
  • b) You need to do a squat, at least five times.
  • c) Legs should be put together so that they are even, stand on their socks, and then fall down. If there is a desire to make the exercise a little more difficult, then you need to lower your foot to the floor not to the very end, that is, the heel should not touch the floor.
  • d) One leg should stand on the toe and then it is necessary to twist the foot first in one direction, and then in the other direction. Repeat the exercise also on the other leg.


On these exercises, the warm-up for morning exercises can be over, the drowsy state has passed, the body has become ready to deal with the issues of the coming day!


If there is a desire to improve the result of the effect of morning exercise, then you need to take some time to exercise.


Morning exercises - a set of exercises.



You can perform the following set of exercises for the gym in the morning.


1. Exercise for the press: you need to lie on the mat or karemat, hands lay behind the head and perform the following exercises:


  • a) lift the torso without lifting the shoulder blades from the floor, the legs should be bent at the knees. Run at least five times;
  • b) fully raise the torso, that is, raise the tailbone off the ground, the legs must be bent at the knees. You can also perform at least five times, a little more;
  • c) raise straight legs by 45 °, while you need to try not to tear the lower back from the ground. Run at least five or six times.


2. Then you need to run around the room around the house or around the house for a few minutes.


3. Then you must jump on two legs, then on one leg, then on the other.


Another complex that can be combined with the previous ones.



Morning exercises in the complex exercises with video- The secret of beauty and your health. A quick transition from deep sleep to intense activity has an adverse effect on the body, so after waking up, lie in bed for about 10 minutes,performing the following exercises:

a)"Volitional gymnastics" - alternate tension of the muscles of the face; movement of jaw, tongue, etc.

b)self-massage of the face, head, neck and neck;

at)gymnastics for the eyes (right-left, up and down and circular movements);

d)tightening and rubbing the shoulders and torso;

e)pulling up the abdomen.


Complex exercises morning exercises:



Exercise morning exercises number 1. Can also be attributed to the exercises, because it is also sometimes too lazy to do. After lifting, wash with cold water, drink a glass of water at room temperature andstart your morning exercises.


Exercise morning exercise number2. Lying on your back, gently stretch,consistentlystraining the muscles of the arms, legs, torso.


Exercise morning exercise number3. Primordial position - standing, bend in the waist, stronglystrain your abdominal muscles. Repeat the exercise twice.


Exercise morning exercise number4. Do 2-3 “twists” of the trunk along the longitudinal axis to the right and left sides. Right after that energeticallysqueeze and stretch your fingershands and feet (8-10 times).


Exercise morning exercise number5. Imitation of hand movements while running. The initial position is legs on the width of the shoulders, the trunk is slightly tilted forward, the arms are bent at the elbow at an angle of 90 °.Hand work,like running. Breathing is uniform. Perform the exercise for 20-30 seconds.


Exercises morning exercises number6. "Direct pendulum". Swinging the torso back and forth.Initial position - legs shoulder-width apart, hands on a belt.Fast torso forward(approximately 30 ° from the vertical), abrupt stop, after which a quick backward bend, then forward bending again, etc. To perform movements continuously, do not hold your breath. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.


Exercises morning exercises number7. "The lateral pendulum." Swinging torso from side to side. The initial position is standing, legs together, hands on the waist. Fasttilt the bodyleft, abruptly stop, tilt the torso to the right, etc. To perform movements continuously. Do not hold your breath. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times. The video shows an example of execution.


Exercise morning exercise number8. Raise the legs supine. Raise your legs upupright position, delay 2-3 seconds., slowly lower. Do not hold your breath. Repeat the exercise 5-8 times.


Exercise morning exercise number9. Institution of the legs behind the head, lying on its back, arms extended along the body.Lift legs, get them behind the head and try to touch the floor with them. Return to the original position. Do not hold your breath. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.


Exercise morning exercise number10. Walking withmaximumrelaxation of muscles - 30-60 sec.


Exercises morning exercises number11. Push up fromhighsupport (for example, from the table) 10 times.


Exercises morning exercises number12. Walking -30-60 sec.


The complex exercises of morning exercises performed with breath holding:


a) torso forward, touching the floor with your fingers. Initial position - standingfeet shoulder widthhands raised above your head. Make a quiet shallow breath, exhale and hold your breath, perform the torso. When willfeeling short of breath, take the original position, inhale and exhale, and then repeat the exercise. Run two series. After finishing the exercise, calmly walk without holding your breath;


b) Squat, holding our hands on the back of a chair, and so on. Breathe in the same way as in the previous exercise. Perform exercises inwell ventilated room, complete with water procedures.


Shower: warm - cool - warm - cool. After a shower of a lot of rub.

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