Minute mimi: seals in stupid hats

Sonya Morsikova November 21, 2016

A photographer from Japan, Re Yamazaki is making hats in the shape of the famous wig Donald Trump, the pointed cone, just like Hogwarts students, but not from yarn or other traditional materials, as you might think, and ... from the fur of their pets - fold-fold cats funny nicknames Nya, Maru and Vit (the latter was named after the color, resembling the color of the ears of wheat). And the photographer does not make the caps for people, but as props for their tail models, which they then photograph and upload to Instagram. You also need to subscribe to the @rojiman account to look at the seals in Fedora, Santa's Christmas hats and other mimic accessories. What you need at the beginning of the work week to relax and relieve stress.

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