Milla Jovovich in Cannes showed breasts and ugly bruises

The actress was not the first time convicted for not taking care of herself.

At the premiere of the South Korean film “Flaming”, Milla Jovovich became one of the most important star beauties. The star came out on the red carpet in a gray-blue Prada dress with an original metal decor. But all the attention was riveted to him not by the designer’s outfit, but only by a part of it. More precisely, the neckline, which without exaggeration reached the waist.

Milla Jovovich
Photo: Getty Images
Milla Jovovich
Photo: Getty Images

"Naked" dresses and frank outfits on the red carpet do not seem to cause a stir. Eminent models in one of the days of the Cannes festival staged a "naked parade." But still Milla's dress can be considered one of the most daring outfit of this event.

But in every barrel of honey there is a drop of tar. In addition to admiration, Jovovich received a portion of criticism. The fact is that when she raised her hand to greet all those present, bruises and abrasions were visible on her forearm.The actress did not even bother to somehow disguise them.

Milla Jovovich
Photo: Getty Images

It seems that the hands are the part of the body that Milla always forgets about caring for. They have a slim beauty too untidy. Maybe the fact is that recently she seriously took up gardening and was busy with seedlings? In addition, the type of hands of the star, according to the critics, indicates that the star clearly neglects training in the gym.

And not so long ago, Jovovich's subscribers noticed swollen veins in Milla’s arms, which, in their opinion, also didn’t decorate a celebrity. So, it seems, the artist should pay attention to these shortcomings, if she does not plan to devote herself entirely to home and garden, but wants to occupy the first places in the ratings of star beauties.

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