Michelle Rodriguez left Zack Efron

Relationships acting pair lasted only two months.
Zac Efron photo
Photo: All Over Press

The relationship of 26-year-old Zach Efron and 35-year-old Michelle Rodriguez ended, before it began. The actress is famous for her obstinate nature, she is used to doing what she wants. On this ground, during one of the parties, the couple strongly quarreled. Michelle decided that the most desirable man of the year does not suit her.

Now Efron suffers from his broken heart. “Zack was very interested in her, perhaps even more than she is to them. He would still like to meet with Michel, ”says a source close to the couple.

Their relationship began to develop very quickly. A couple of months ago, lovers were spotted in Ibiza. Then they did not even hide feelings from others, did not let each other out of their arms. Unfortunately, this novel was no more than a resort.

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