Men on a note: why women leave you

This went on for two years, everything flowed in measured fashion: home, work, kitchen, meetings with friends on Saturdays and sex on Sundays, which for Svetka turned into a mechanic and was associated only with the word “duty”. Everything suited Pasha, and in his own way he loved, but not Svetka, but the comfortable and understandable way of life that she organized for him.

Sveta realized that things would only get worse, and left, but Pasha did not realize what had happened, and still thinks that it was a female wreck caused by PMS. He called me in the morning of that day when a friend packed up a suitcase and disappeared behind the door: “She got mad, because she lived normally, she didn’t know what was wrong. What else does she need? "

Men on a note: why women leave you

I promised to talk to the capricious Svetka, but I understood that this was a hopeless case: love was over, it was the realization that it was silly to lose precious youth to a comfortable life without feelings.

Pasha had been waiting for Svetka's return for a long time and is still waiting, and she slowly took out all her belongings, trying not to intersect with him once more, and began a new life.

These women are different from men.To live with a partner we need love and emotions, and to them - the dimension and convenience. And really always go quietly, without scandals, making claims and hysterics. Because there is nothing left to explain, just late. Usually women try to reach men, but they do not see these signals or do not want to see them, fearing to leave their comfortable life.

Take the story of Svetka: after all, she endured for a long time (this is generally the distinguishing feature of Russian women - patience), hoping and waiting for Pasha to correct.
Sometimes very little is needed to remedy the situation, but men in this small do not see the problem and think that such a smallness does not play any role. Hence the disappointment, which eventually turns into a terrible word "dislike" ...

And rings, children, money, repairs, cars then do not play any role. Statistics show that all women who remain to live with unloved partners because of children, then terribly regret about it and sooner or later get divorced. In such families, children can not be happy, seeing the indifference of parents and the constant clarification of relationships.

Men on a note: why women leave you

Pasha made more than one attempt to return Svetka, but she was adamant and did not even take the car she had been given. He does not want to have any memories from the life that has discharged her battery.Has already started to equip a new rented apartment, but does not hurry to enter into a new relationship.

And these women also differ from men - their ability, like a phoenix bird, to be reborn, charge its life battery and start all over again. I'm sure Svetka will succeed!

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