Megan Markle has almost no friends left.

Since Megan Markle has become part of the royal family, she has had to get used to and learn many things. But she still cannot learn something: according to a source from the Kensington Palace, the Duchess of Sussex is very difficult to understand who of her close associates is trustworthy and who is not, therefore her friends are left less and less.

It is difficult for Megan, who has always loved communication and friendly gatherings, but the position of the Duchess obliges. A huge role was played by the behavior of her father, Thomas Markl, who unexpectedly began to give interviews about what seemed to be very intimate things concerning only Megan and Harry. To avoid a repetition of such stories, the duchess left only the most dedicated people beside her: Canadian top stylist Jessica Mulroney, whom Meg had met on the set of Force Majeure, and make-up artist Daniel Martin.

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