Master class: Fir-tree from the luminous garland

Each of us is waiting for the moment when, finally, you can put a Christmas tree in the apartment! But what about those who have a very small room? Give it to the Christmas tree and sleep in the hallway for all the holidays ... Or put a very tiny Christmas tree. And you can make a tree quite large, but in a 2D format!

This master class describes how to make a Christmas decoration from LED lamps. Arm yourself with a screwdriver and proceed! "Tree" will create a festive mood to the carols, keeping the floor clean.

You will need:

  • Wooden board for fastening (most convenient to work with pine)
  • Drill or screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Pencil
  • Roulette
  • Line or twine
  • LED garland

You can choose any base size. The length of the screw is selected in accordance with the thickness of the board.

Outline where the top of the tree will begin. The author of the master class laid about 30 cm from the top edge.After that, the first screw is screwed in, from which we will repel.

Now mark the bottom edge of the tree. It is necessary to build an isosceles triangle, on the sides of which the rest of the screws will be screwed.

The result should be something similar.

Wind the garland around the screws carefully, as shown in the photo.

We continue in this way to the bottom.

Pull down the remaining end of the garland along the edge and move it behind the wooden panel. Connect the garland to the food. If there is no outlet in the place where the Christmas tree is supposed to stand, simply place an extension cord there.

Make sure that the garland and the socket were in good condition, and do not leave the tree turned on when you leave the apartment! Under this Christmas tree, many gifts will fit. Here are just a round dance will have to drive in another place ...

Every house, even the smallest, on a Christmas tree!

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