Massage mat

Making the first steps, the child learns to walk. Then, when the basics of walking him fixed, and he boldly begins to run, the question arises about the correct gait and formation of the foot. Today, almost half of the children have problems with their feet. The clubfoot, flat feet and other serious foot diseases can cause a serious problem to the health of the baby in the future. Therefore, at the first signs and alarm bells, parents need to consult an orthopedist. To avoid flatfoot, it is very important to carry out its prevention in a timely manner and regularly. A self-made massage mat can turn boring exercises into an exciting game. My daughter herself asks her to unfold a rug so that she can walk on it. We are starting a master class. To create a developing rug you need: 1) Thick, narrow and long fabric . Ideal old carpet. I have a car case cut into stripes under my base. 2) Tubules, 3) covers from plastic bottles and cans of baby food, 4) old washcloths, 5) Christmas-tree beads, 6) a mat, 7) the fabric from which the bag is sewn and the sponge groats are filled in, 8) Sledky (I cut them out of white fabric) 9) Box from under the candy box.
 narrow and long fabric
The list can be extended depending on what you find in house. I didn’t buy anything on purpose, but only took what was on the farm. 1) First, prepare all the covers: we press 2 holes in each cover with a nail and a hammer so that they can be sewn to the base .
 making holes
2) Then you need to sew or find a small bag to put the cereal in it. I chose chickpeas (chick peas), it is large and dense, perfectly massaging the feet.
 dense perfectly massages
3) The next step is to cut out simple x / used fabric trace. I cut 4 tracks from the leg and think that's enough. Of course, you can cut more from someone the track will be longer than mine. 4) Now you can begin to gradually sew all the prepared elements to the track. First I have a shower sponge.Next, a bag of chickpeas, after it covers the baby food, then tubes (each tube had to be sewn separately in three places for strength, because the daughter immediately tried to grab them).
 baby food lids
After rub barrels, I sewed the sponge with the hard side up, and then the mat.
The next step is the lid from under the plastic bottles. I searched and collected them for a long time, but it was worth it. They are an excellent massager. The more, the better. The covers are followed by those very tracks of fabric.
 bottle caps
 cloth tracks
The beads, container for sweets with reverse side and old bast.
 Massage mat for children
This is the kind of massage mat I have got.
Massage mat for children
My daughter loves him.It easily turns around, collapses and takes up little space.
 Massage mat for children
Every parent can make such a mat for their child. The benefits of it are many, and the costs are simply minimal. Of course, you have to spend a little time, but the result is worth it. Good luck in your endeavors!

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