Maria Kozhevnikova urges not to be shy of her body after childbirth

Infrequently, our stars share honest pictures. The more valuable is the photo that Maria Kozhevnikova posted on Instagram. A little more than a month ago, she became a mother for the third time, gained, according to her confession, 13 kilograms and still does not fit into her clothes. But hiding within four walls, restoring the old form, she does not intend to. “I love my body and create stress for it, losing weight by more than 5 kg per month, I will not!” She admits. Maria is not at all shy about her new body and advises all moms to follow her example. “I expose this photo, perhaps not the best by the standards of instagram, to support women who did not come out of the maternity hospital with models from 90–60–90,” the mother of many children signed a picture that can be called an example of body-positive. And 80 thousand likes, not counting the grateful comments, indicate that it is subscribers who are lacking such pictures.

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