Manty "Bogatyrsky" with chopped meat

Mantyis a very satisfying and tasty dish. And, of course, high-calorie, but it is perfectly absorbed, due to the fact that it prepares for a couple. Recipes for their preparation are huge. Prepare mantas with different fillings: with lamb, pork, beef, horse meat and even with pumpkin and other vegetables. Although this is a traditional dish of the peoples of Central Asia, mantias also love to cook in our country too. It is not difficult to cook mantas, even an aspiring cook will cope with them. Therefore, cooking manti is a wonderful reason to please your loved ones! You will need:
  • 0.5 kg of flour;
  • 250 g of water;
  • 500 g of pork (or other meat);
  • 4 to 5 bulbs;
  • 0.5 tsp. salt;
  • spices, to taste.
 Manti Bogatyrskie with minced meat
1. In a deep bowl, you need to pour out the flour, then add water (it should be a little warm, so that the dough is better mixed) and a pinch of salt.Knead dough enough.
 Manty the Bogatyr with minced meat
2. Now you need to cover the dough with a towel or put in a bag and leave to" rest "for 60 - 80 minutes. The dough should be softer and more elastic.
 Manty Bogatyrsky with chopped meat
3. Now prepare the filling. Any meat will do, but what I like most is pork manti, because then they are more juicy. The meat must be chopped into small cubes (you can make mince, of course, but it will not be manti). In order to make small cubes, the meat must not be completely thawed.
 Manty Bogatyrsky with chopped meat
4. Peel the onions, wash them under cold water, and also cut them into small cubes.
 Manty the Bogatyr with minced meat
5. Now you need to combine pork with onion, add salt, spices to taste (I add only pepper) and mix everything thoroughly. Manty Bogatyrsky with minced meat
6. Now roll out the cake test (I'm doing big enough). If you roll out the dough too thinly, then later, when plucked, it can break.
 Manty Bogatyrsky with chopped meat
7. On each cake you need to put the stuffing. Now it is necessary to form manti: first, two sides are pinched in the middle, then the two remaining sides are pinched to this middle, leaving “tails”. It turned out something a bit like a star. Now these "tails" are connected on two sides.  Manty the Bogatyr with minced meat 8. Now you can send manti to prepare. It is better to lubricate the levels of a steamer with vegetable oil so that later it would be easier to get manti. Then lay them out so that there is a distance between them, and they do not touch each other. We set the cooking time for 40-50 minutes on a double boiler (since I have great manti, I put on 50-60 minutes).
Manty Bogatyrsky with chopped meat
9.So, Bogatyrskie manti with minced meat is ready! You can pour them on top with various sauces, butter or sour cream.
 Manty the Bogatyr with minced meat

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