Making cake with mastic

I want to share my experience in decorating the cake using sugar mastic. I am not a professional and basically everything I know I found on the Internet, I do not have special tools, so everything has to be done with the help of scrap materials that you can always find at home. I will not describe the basis of the cake, since the internal filling can be absolutely anyone. This time I had a biscuit smeared with butter-based cocoa cream.
To prepare the cake, I prepared the sugar mastic in advance. It seems to me the most convenient in the work of mastic, made on the basis of chewing marshmallow.
prepared sugar mastic
For its preparation, chewing marshmallow should be melted in a water bath or in a microwave, adding to it a small amount of butter.
chewing marshmallow
Melt marshmallow divided into two parts.We'll leave most of it white, and paint the second one blue.
 knead the mastic
Next we knead the mastic, just add sugar powder to it until the mass stops sticking to the hands.
we mix mastic
We send the ready mastic for the night in the refrigerator, wrapped in a food film.
we mix mastic
We will start the design of the cake by covering it with white mastic. Roll it out using a regular rolling pin. After a night in the fridge, the mastic rolls out quite hard, but it does not stick and does not tear.
Making cake start
 Let's start decorating the cake
To decorate the sides of the cake, I bought edible lace, which is very easily glued to mastic sweet syrup.
 decorating the sides of the cake
 decorating cake sides
Blue mastic we roll out and cut out a rectangle - this will be a kryzhma. With the help of an ordinary toothpick we form a fabric structure on it. Of course, all this is much easier to do with special stamps, and it turns out more beautiful and more, it seems, but as they say, what is not, is not.
 cut a rectangle
Also in the design of the cake for the baptism, I used a cross, which cut with a stencil, which own I did it myself, just by drawing a cross on paper, and even easier to do this by printing a cross pattern on a printer.
 cut with a stencil
cut out using a stencil
I decorated the cross with silver sugar drops.
I adorned to rest
 Making a cake with mastic
 Making a cake with mastic
With I put the same silver cross and chain on the same dragee. I made the inscription on the cake on mastic cut out in the form of a sheet of paper. I made the inscription with the help of a toothpick, which I dipped in a dye diluted in sugar syrup.
The inscription on the cake
Flowers for decoration are made quite simple, the petals are formed using a toothpick, and we combine them into a flower (like chamomile).
Flowers for decoration
 Flowers for decoration
We lay out all the elements pt, and that's what the result will be.
 The inscription on the cake
 Making a cake with mastic
 Making a cake with mastic
Making cake with mastic

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