Makeup for dark skin

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It is believed that dark skin looks sexier and more attractively pale. Someone got such a shade from nature, while others have to expose the skin to the sun's rays, go to a tanning bed or use tanning to get a tan shade.

Disputes about which skin is more attractive, pale or tanned, are meaningless. The taste and color, as you know, markers are different. But to understand the intricacies of makeup for dark skin is worth it.

It is curious that Coco Chanel became the founder of the fashion trend. Once she went on a cruise and was burned, although it was considered correct to hide her face from the sun before. But she found a way out of the situation, making a lack of dignity.

Makeup preparation

One of the important elements of a proper make-up is considered to be the selection of the foundation. To prepare the skin of a dark shade to makeup suitable correctors for dark tones or brown. If the color of the tonal tool will be lighter than the face, then the makeup will not work natural. To highlight the cheekbones suitable blush shade of coffee or gold. For the holiday allowed the use of bronzer, giving the skin a sexy glow.

Makeup for dark skin

There is a mistaken opinion that dark skin is free from defects. This is not true. The owners of tanned skin, like the other girls, have their own shortcomings. Skin is prone to irritations and rashes, overdried, but more often it is mixed or fatty type.

Care therefore requires special. It is important to use caring and tonal means without oil, so as not to give extra shine, but to hide it and matte the skin. In addition, before creating makeup on the eyes, it is important to degrease the eyelids with powder. If you do not do this, the shadows roll down in a few minutes. Note that there is a large selection of cosmetics for dark skin.

In preparation for makeup should choose the right shade basics and powder. Remember that when mixed or oily skin can not use oil-based products.

It is not excluded that finding the right color of the tonal framework will not work right away. As mentioned, too light tone makes make-up unnatural. And too dark gives the face an earthy hue. To select the perfect tone, experiment with different means. Diluting too dark foundation is allowed to blush soft pink hue. Make a fixation of makeup powder is important carefully in the T-zone: chin, nose and forehead.Powder is required crumbly, and distribute it on dry skin, after soaking up the cream.

In the summer, makeup artists are advised not to use a tonal tool, because nature will give the skin a tint of bronze. It can be emphasized powdery suitable shade. The relief is also emphasized by powder, whose shade is darker than skin color. Apply it with cautious movements on the face, and then excrete cheekbones.

Makeup for dark skin

So, we will consider the step-by-step instruction on drawing a basis on the face:

apply a point to the base, and then gently blend with a brush;
under the eyes, use concealer to hide "bruises";
The highlighter needs to highlight the skin on the cheekbones and under the eyebrow line (it will make the face expressive and give a shimmer);
if you want to outline the face, then you will need to put a small amount of bronzer on the cheekbones;
the desired remedy is blush. They require a minimum. For owners of tanned skin, orange and coral blushes are considered suitable.

Eye Makeup

To make up your eyes, dark faces can use a variety of shadows. Usually it looks perfect pastel natural colors, as well as rich bright. To make the color stand out,it needs to be applied with a wet applicator. It is worth noting that with a wet applicator the process of creating the contour of the eye becomes much more convenient. This method replaces the pencil.

For everyday make-up dark-skinned women should use a palette of shades with shades of bronze, sand or in brown tones with this color in pencil. For disco make-up, shades of chocolate, orange, gold, etc. are suitable. Favorable combination of bright shadows and kayalovoy eyeliner. Kayal is shuffled with fingers or a brush. It is traditional black, or repeats the color of shadows. For a disco make-up, the shadows of the red, purple, green and coral gammas are also suitable. A metal or shimmering look spectacular on dark skin.

Makeup for dark skin

Dark-skinned girls by nature often have gorgeous black long eyelashes. But often they are direct, because they have to be twisted with a special device. It is important to do this no more than three times in the process of creating makeup. To get the volume, before using the mascara, the eyelashes are slightly powdered.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. When creating eye makeup it is important to choose the right color of the shadows, highlight the eyelashes.

Mascara must first be applied to the upper lashes. First, in the center, and then move to the outer edge, painting in the inner corner is completed. If required, the manipulations are repeated, but only when the first layer of the carcass is completely dry. Eyelashes under the eyes stained once, in order not to get a surplus, which then crumbles and "draws" dark circles.

Eyebrow makeup

Eyebrows must be kept in order: remove excess hair, make timely adjustments. Tinted eyebrows with shades in brown, so they become expressive, and the thickness of the hair turns out to be uniform. Owners too dark skin for eyebrow makeup can use a pencil. It should be applied intermittent dashes, not a line, then the eyebrows will be natural.

Lip makeup

For make-up lips tan will go bold colors: plum, red, cherry. Nacreous shines are great. The dark skin tone enables the wearer to apply glitter with shiny, large-sized particles. But it is worth noting that this shine is suitable only for a dull tone of shadows. If the eyes and lips "screaming" shine, it turns out surplus.

Tips for dark brown-haired women and brunettes

So, consider the main tips for dark-haired brunettes and brown-haired women. In any makeup requires the correct selection of the basic shade. The overall image of a woman consists of dark-colored skin and curls. For this reason, it is worth following such rules:

Do not immediately create a dark bright shade on the eyes and lips. The exception is the party make-up. This is the golden rule;
if you use light colors for lips and eyes and do not want to change this habit, then it is important to highlight the eyebrows with a pencil, cheekbones with blushes, and also emphasize the eyes;
for everyday make-up, pastel lips are appropriate. In a festive make-up, experiments with bright colors are allowed.

Lips can not be brightly allocated for everyday makeup even dark-skinned beauties. The use of similar shades for evening make-up is allowed.

Often in combination with dark hair and skin in girls brown eyes. They do not stand out too much in this case. For brown eyes, make-up can be of different shades, except for the simultaneous use of shadows of different bright colors. Gray, gold, lilac, mother-of-pearl - all these tones favorably look at the swarthy skin.

Tips swarth blonde and ginger

But what advice would suit swarthy red and blondes? Tanned blondes are girls with swarthy skin and light curls from nature, but more often they are repainted brunettes. So, the main rules that are important to follow when creating the perfect make-up:

do not use too dark tones for the lips and eyes during the day;
In the daytime, owners of bright eyes should put shades of brown and gray tones. They should be used to measure the visual increase in the eyes;
overly bright make-ups during the day is better not to use, and dark tones will do in the evening;
lips for any makeup stand out with pastel highlights.

Makeup for dark skin

Tanned girls should remember that in the daytime make-up should be performed in restrained tones, you can select one object on the face. Evening and disco options allow for bold experiments, a combination of flashy shades. But here, remember the measure and harmony.

General rules

In the process of creating a make-up, dark-skinned beauties should follow the general rules. As already mentioned, the correct choice of tonal means is required. Tanned skin requires the use of brown tones.If the color is light, the makeup will turn out unnatural.

To distinguish the cheekbones are used blush in different colors: violet, a touch of coffee and gold (this depends on the purpose of make-up and skin color). Feel free to use the make-up bronzer for a party. He will give a magical shine.

Remember that the simultaneous selection of eyes and lips is unacceptable in everyday makeup. This rule number 1. For parties and discos it is allowed to break, but with respect for harmony.

This feature allows you to apply dark colors in the course of creating a make-up at will. But remember that for the office version one thing stands out brightly: lips or eyes. Everything is allowed for a disco or a party, but with the observance of a pleasant combination of clothing and shades. Top 5 tips:

do not immediately use a bright shade for lips and eyes. There are no exceptions;
Be sure to highlight the eye contour, and if the make-up requires the use of discreet shades, then highlight the cheekbones to “balance” the facial expression;
use calm and natural shades of gloss and lipstick;
ideal shade with a shimmering or metallic tint;
color cosmetics should be chosen with yellow pigments, they are close to the natural skin tone.

Makeup options

Let's consider some variants of a make-up for dark-skinned:

A pleasant honey tone of the skin should be emphasized with a smoky-style make-up with the use of shades in a shade of silver. The eyelid should be completely covered with silvery shadows. Eyelashes make up 2 times. To focus on the look, choose body lipstick and muffled blush;
for everyday make-up choose shades of bronze tone. For dark eyes, gold and brown remain the best. Office make-up can be supplemented by applying a shade of bronze. The image is worth adding body lipstick and rouge;
Give your eyes brightness with the use of dark purple or green shadows with overflow. They are allowed to combine with green and blue flowers. In order not to have a funny make-up, use shades of green or blue in the bend of the eyelid. To create makeup for the disco, then under the eyebrows and in the fold of the eyelid, apply a silver shade;
Do not be afraid to combine bold tone. Remember, they are appropriate for a holiday or a party.

Makeup for dark skin

Some tips:

to dim a juicy metallic shade, use such shadows along with the colors beige, yellow, brown, gray;
to highlight the look, use a metallic tube;
To make the eyes shimmer, apply a corner brush with sparkles on top of your eyelashes.

Now consider what should always be present in the cosmetics girl with tanned skin:

cream shades of gold color with a metallic effect;
rosy blush, bronzer;
matte finish in pink color;
dark cherry lipstick and the same gloss color;
pencil for summing eyes in gray and the same shadows.

Creating an office makeup

To create an office makeup on a tanned face you will need a gentle and discreet make-up that will harmonize in tone. First, properly prepare the skin. So, we need:

golden and brown shadows;
brush flat and fluffy;
brown pencil;

First, apply golden shadows on the upper eyelid with a flat brush. Above it, the area should be covered with brown shadows with another brush, it should be shaded like a “hood”.

With a pencil of the specified shade, walk along the mucous in the lower eyelid.To obtain the effect of lush eyelashes, powder them and use about 2-3 layers of mascara.

Make-up is required to supplement with an almost imperceptible lipstick of a pink shade, which is in harmony with the tone of the skin.

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