Fluffy corrugated paper roses

Roses - incredibly beautiful and exquisite flowers. Imagination affects the shades of these plants: from pure white to dark scarlet, from pale pink to purple-purple. And the structure of the bud in some varieties is incredibly lush, which is difficult to count the number of petals. There is not a single person in the world who would be indifferent to a rosebush. And if you look at works of art, the embodiment of these colors is in every technique. Artists wrote paintings, sculptors sculpted, craftsmen embroidered cloths ... Many roses are found on the outfits of women of fashion, in interiors of premises, in ornaments. Today you will learn how to make lush roses of their corrugated paper in a very unusual technique. There are workshops where the flower bud is assembled from individual petals, and in this the rose is made from a continuous strip. Details you will learn further. Prepare the following materials for work: - corrugated paper of different colors (especially red and dark blue), - wooden long skewers (7 pieces), - scissors, - tube with PVA glue -K; - lower partfrom a plastic bottle (2 liters).
Take the dark blue corrugated paper and cut it into pieces 8 cm wide through the entire length of the skein.
cut the paper
Spin the striped along the entire length.
 Unscrew the striped
Take the upper right corner in your hands and hold world wavy edges. How to do it right? First you turn the top edge on yourself, then press it with your thumb of your right hand and turn it back, while simultaneously lashing forward with your left hand. Then repeat again: with your right hand, and your left hand with yourself. It turns out a wavy top edge.
 It turns out a wavy upper edge
So, we need to make a whole strip of corrugated paper.
make the entire strip
Then take a thin wooden skewer, attach it to the right edge of the paper blank,apply some PVA glue and start to twist the strip in a spiral.
 apply a little glue
Ensure that the wavy edge lies down and the bottom side of the paper strip sometimes you need to apply glue so that it fits snugly to a wooden skewer.
 wavy edge went to bed freely
This is how it looks ready th bud. It turns out magnificent and incredibly beautiful. You can decorate a wooden skewer with green corrugated paper, you will get a stalk.
 Lush Roses of Corrugated Paper
By the same principle, everything must be done other flowers. Cut a strip from red corrugated paper.
 Cut the strip
Create a wavy edge along the entire length of the workpiece.
 Form a wavy edge
Form a wavy edge
Glue the paper blank onto a wooden thin stick.
 Sticking paper stock
This is what a red rose looks like.
 Lush Roses from Corrugated Paper
In total, you need to make 6 blue buds and one red. Although, you can choose the color of roses at your discretion. Now go to the manufacture of the vase. Take the bottom edge off the plastic bottle. Its height is about 11 cm.
 go to making a vase
Decorate with red corrugated paper. Cut a square 30x30 cm, apply PVA glue on it and wrap inside a plastic base. It turns out a wide vase.
making a vase
Place the roses in it: blue in a circle and one red in the very center. It turns out a magnificent air composition of lush roses.
 Lush Roses of Corrugated Paper
If you make a lot of roses,then they can be placed in a small basket. Looks just great.

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