Looks like the most "naked" attire of the Paris Fashion Week

By the way, its owner is not a model.

High Fashion Week is in itself a rather extravagant, pure art. The outfits presented on it are unlikely to wear in everyday life, even if you can get one. Even stars are unlikely to decide to go through the red carpet in most of them.

And, of course, the guest stars try to match this atmosphere, including their outfit (as supermodees have distinguished themselves, read here). Unusual costumes, scandalous hairstyles and make-up, "naked" dresses, loops, ultramini - everything is used! But this time not the eminent actress or singer chose the most non-standard toilet, but the usual guest of one of the Elie Saab shows.

Fashion Week in Paris 2018-2019
Photo: Getty Images
Fashion Week in Paris 2018-2019
Photo: Getty Images

She added the usual light jeans to an absolutely transparent skin-colored blouse, so it seemed that there was no clothes on her at all. And the original ruffles on the sleeves looked like wings.Well, she covered the bust with pink silicone lining.

By the way, this is already becoming a trend - with outrageous toilets, guests at social events overshadow all celebrities. Suffice it to recall the premiere of Kirill Serebrennikov's film “Summer” at the Cannes Film Festival - 2018.

The most scandalous outfit Cannes-2018
Photo: Getty Images

One of the invited celebrities then chose an outfit to appear on the red carpet, which is generally difficult to attribute to the category of clothing. In front of a hundred photographers and guests, an Asian actress (neither the roles nor even the name of which the audience does not know) appeared in a black jumpsuit with a completely transparent bodice, decorated with openwork appliqué.

Of course, under the spectacular toilet there was not a hint of underwear. So everyone, including the star visitors of the red carpet, could see the magnificent bust of a little-known beauty.

So soon fashion will begin to ask not the stars and not designers, but ordinary guests of festivals and parties. So at the Fashion Week there was something to admire even besides the “naked” outfit. Wday.ru offers a look at a selection of casual guests at different shows.

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