The list of the best works of Stephen King

Stephen King is a talented writer and an amazing person who gave the world many interesting works. And which books are especially loved by readers? Let's find out!

So, a list of the best books by Stephen King:

  1. "Carrie". This is the first published novel of the writer, which was released thanks to King's wife: it was she who persuaded her husband to finish the book when he threw away all the drafts, considering the story unsuccessful. The main character is a modest teenage girl whose mother was overly pious and constantly terrorized her daughter. Because of this, Carrie was bullied at school. Suddenly, the heroine discovers the gift of telekinesis and understands that she can use it for personal purposes. After a long time of harassment and terrible humiliation, the girl decides to brutally take revenge on everyone who harmed her: she begins to use her unique abilities and systematically destroys all her enemies. The story, in which the psychology of adolescence is subtly described, was screened several times and brought Steven not only great profits, but also world success.
  2. "It".On the basis of this work in the 90s of the last century a small series was filmed, and more recently a movie was released. In a book written in the horror genre, the author not only told a horrible story, but also touched on several relevant topics: echoes of the past, children's fears, the power of memory, psychological trauma, the power of association. In the center of the plot are seven friends living in a small fictional town of Derry. At this seemingly peaceful place, a series of murders come crashing down. Friends understand that for all crimes there is one person, or rather a being that can take any form. The heroes decide to rally and act together to defeat the terrible monster, which everyone fears and is called "It." The story affects two periods of time: childhood friends and adulthood.
  3. "Green Mile". The book describes the prison, which contains the most dangerous and violent criminals. A new prisoner is entering the death row awaiting the final verdict - a big black man named John Coffey. Everyone, including the warders, immediately noticed the oddity. John has unique abilities: he sees people through, knows everything about them and can relieve from diseases. But Coffey is accused of the cruel murder of two girls.The author skillfully reveals the image of this character and tells the story on behalf of warder Paul, whom the dark-skinned prisoner helped a lot. John, like all murderers, has to overcome the “green mile” - the short road of death leading to the electric chair. But King will certainly open to readers the secret of the story of John Coffey.
  4. "Dark tower". This is a whole cycle consisting of eight books, which tells about the shooter Roland, who set off on a difficult and dangerous journey to search for the mysterious Dark Tower, which King presents as the basis of the balance of all worlds. The main character is the last member of the ancient knightly order. He begins his difficult journey alone, then true friends join him. They all move between times and eras to find the very Dark Tower, which, according to Roland, is the center of the universe. The shooter hopes to reach the highest level, find the Creator and restore the lost balance. By the way, the books were written from the 82nd year of the last century to 2012 and have already been screened.
  5. Listing the most popular and beloved readers of the works of the great King, it is worth mentioning«11/22/63». This book reveals the theme of one of the most tragic events of the last century - the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. The protagonist is the most ordinary teacher who begins to travel through time. But this discovery made the teacher understand that he had a huge responsibility: the hero must not only return to the past, but also do everything to prevent the assassination of the president. But not everything is so simple: if a man succeeds in fulfilling his mission, the world can change and acquire completely different outlines. Readers are given the opportunity to look at history from the other side and reflect on how humanity could live if it had not happened that it happened.
  6. "Radiance".The protagonist of the work is Jack Torrens. He is the most ordinary teacher and writer who dreams of world success. But while the path to fame is closed, and one of the reasons for the failures is the man’s addiction to alcohol. Jack barely makes ends meet and hardly provides a spouse and five-year-old son. After falling into depression and having decided to change his life, he and his family go to a hotel that has been closed for the winter, which is located far in the mountains, where he works as a caretaker.Heroes are beginning to occupy a new place, but due to bad weather, the hotel is isolated from the outside world, and something incomprehensible is starting to happen in it. An unknown power forces Jack to do strange things, and his son Danny is in danger.
  7. "Dead zone". The work was published in the 79th year of the last century and was named by the author himself as his first serious and worthy work. John Smith suffered a severe head injury and fell into a coma. Fortunately, the man came to his senses and soon discovered that he now has unusual abilities. He begins to see visions that will come true in the future. John decides to use the gift and help people in difficult situations. But one of the visions became especially important, not only for Smith himself, but for the whole world. The hero learns that a cruel person can come to power, capable of destroying the planet and plunging humanity into chaos. Stephen King reveals the topic of crime for the sake of good and puts the character in front of a very difficult dilemma. Readers have to find out what decision John will make.
  8. Worth reading and book"Pet cemetery".The creator himself did not like this novel, but still Stephen gave it to the press due to financial problems. And the book has become one of the most successful in the career of King. The main character is Dr. Louis Creed. Together with his family and his pet, he moves to the outskirts of a small town almost at the edge of the forest. Not far from the house of Louis, there is an ancient animal graveyard that once belonged to an Indian tribe. One day a tragedy happens: the beloved cat of Creed Smaki falls under the car and dies. The owner decides to say goodbye to the pet according to all the rules and buries him in the old Indian cemetery, despite all the ominous legends about this place. But in the other world there are its own laws, the violation of which can lead to dire consequences.
  9. "Rita Hayworth and the Rescue from the Shawshank."The life of the protagonist Andy suddenly turned upside down. Yesterday he held a prestigious leadership position in a large bank, but everything went wrong. Wife Andy and her lover are found dead. Naturally, suspicions immediately fall on a jealous husband: he does not have an alibi, and all the evidence points to guilt.The man is sentenced to life imprisonment in the most strict guarded prison - Shawshank. He tries to get used to a new life, and earns respect among prisoners, but still he does not intend to put up with such injustice and begins to plan an escape. Shaushenk's walls could not be left to anyone and never before, but Andy has a brilliant plan, in the implementation of which he must help another convicted Red who spent most of his life in prison. Will these two be able to go free? Read the book and find out.
  10. "Misery."The protagonist, like many other writers, dreams of world recognition and fame, but for him fame turned into a real nightmare. The popular author of the novels gets into a car accident and after it ends up in the house of a fan. His injuries immobilized him: a man cannot walk and serve himself. But a clear consciousness returns to the writer, along with which comes the understanding that the mistress of the house is a strange, lonely and obsessed woman for whom there are no limits to what is permitted. The author was able to masterfully transfer all the horror that the writer experienced, turned out to be a prisoner in a closed space and completely helpless.At some point, he begins to think that death would bring less suffering and would relieve suffering.

These were the most interesting books written by the famous science fiction writer Stephen King.

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