Linen style - for brave fashionistas

This style attracts attention, it is unusual and extravagant, it is on the verge of, and this is interesting. But the linen style is not for everyone. On girls with masculine features of appearance, large and tall, it looks bad. A completely different effect is produced by clothes in a linen style on thin, weak women with transparent skin, mouth ajar, wide open, as if in fright, eyes and delicate curls.

Watch the movie “Sleep with me” and you will agree that some women are simply made to wear clothes in lingerie style. The heroine of the film with its help simply opens up like a flower - thin linen fabrics emphasize its sensual, delicate, elusive beauty. If the phrase “fragile girl” is about you, try a linen style. Look for examples of models in the online store, in blogs and on the websites of clothing manufacturers. Perhaps this style will suit you more than others.

When wearing clothes in this style there is a real danger to look too frankly, pacing in the middle of daylight in a combination dress.In order not to make an ambiguous impression, pick up the “landing” accessories - almost a school bag-bag with a buckle over the shoulder, shoes at a low speed, a cardigan of fine knitting of the simplest style, a cap-gavroche. In no case do not wear short dresses in lingerie style with sexy high-heeled shoes and with any other sexy things. Another rule from clothes in a linen style for wearing during the day should be sewn from matte fabrics. Glitter is allowed only in the evening.

Underwear style is thin, body-fitting fabric, which means it is ideal for an evening out. Atlas, silk, lace, thin velvet - all this fits perfectly into the atmosphere of an evening event with subdued light, lounge music and light alcoholic cocktails. But even in the evening you need to ensure that the image is not too "linen". You can balance the dress or the top with thin straps with the help of an oversized jacket, casually thrown over the dress or intercepted by a thin strap on top, leather leather leather jackets, men's shoes, a faux fur waistcoat.

Linen style is not only a cut and fabric, but also a color.Golden, white, black, silver, beige, light gray and pastel blue colors look very delicate. The elements of the linen style can fit quite well even into a business style: for example, try wearing a thin matte fabric top instead of a strict white blouse on the straps from the range It may look a bit like a nightgown, but not so much so that colleagues think only about what you are wearing. The art of wearing clothes in a linen style is not easy, but, having mastered it, you can create truly intriguing images.

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