Legendary supermodel turned into a plastic doll

Blame beauty shots or inept photographer?

Claudia Schiffer, who once suddenly conquered all the podiums of the world, at the end of August turned 48 years old. She still shines on the red carpet and starred in fashion photo shoots. But it seems that age still takes its toll. Or maybe not age, and, conversely, the desire to look as young as possible?

The last photo of the beautiful German woman disappointed fans. Schiffer here is more like Pamela Anderson than the old self, the followers decided. And, unfortunately, this is not a compliment at all.

Claudia Schiffer
Photo: @claudiaschiffer

Looking at the portrait, it seems that Schiffer has gone too far with fillers in the cheekbones and with Botox injections in the forehead. With almost no makeup, it looks even a little scary.

But recently, on the usual “home” photo, the top model looked twice as young as it actually was. Not a single wrinkle! Perfect skin, chiseled and not at all blurred facial features, graceful hands and ankles and the same famous, slightly surprised smile, for which she once loved the whole world.Oh, and blond curls - hairstyle, which beauty never, by her own admission, will not change. Now she, it seems, did not even consider it necessary to comb.

Recall that Schiffer was never afraid of age and took it with dignity. At social events, it appears even without makeup. She proved that a woman under 50 can look great. The main thing, as the star claims, is to work hard on yourself. Naturally, her morning and evening can not do without a moisturizer. She attends spa treatments that relax the body and help get rid of toxins. Of course, Claudia adheres to proper nutrition. At the heart of her diet - proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Has the star, in pursuit of eternal youth, really lost its individuality and departed from the principles? I would like to hope that all the same blame the wrong light and angle in the photo, and not unsuccessful cosmetic procedures.

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